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[FAQ] TDA4VM: Reduce the DRAM (DDR) memory of Linux to 1GB

Part Number: TDA4VM

How to reduce the DRAM (DDR) memory of Linux to 1GB

  • Hi,

    The below patch is created and tested on SDk 8.2 to reduce the DDR size of Linux from 4GB to 1GB
    Please follow the below steps.
    1. Apply the below patch in PSDKLA/board-support/u-boot-2021.01+gitAUTOINC+44a87e3ab8-g44a87e3ab8/ 

    2. go to PSDKLA/ path and build u-boot using below command
         make u-boot_clean && make u-boot

    3. Copy the below 3 binaries into the BOOT section of the SD Card 

    4. Insert the SD card into EVM and power ON the board.

    5. You can confirm from the u-boot logs that the DRAM = 1GB as shown below

    U-Boot 2021.01-00001-g435d6f24c6-dirty (Apr 27 2022 - 14:200 +0530)

    SoC: J721E SR1.0
    Model: Texas Instruments K3 J1E SoC
    Board: J721EX-PM2-SOM rev E7
    DRAM: 1 GiB
    Flash: 0 Bytes
    MMC: sdhci@4f80000: 0, sdhci@4fb0000: 1
    In: serial@2800000
    Out: serial@2800000
    Err: serial@2800000
    am65_cpsw_nuss etheet@46000000: K3 CPSW: nuss_ver: 0x6BA00101 cpsw_ver: 0x6BA8010ale_ver: 0x00293904 Ports:1 mdio_freq:1000000
    Detected: J7X-BASE-CPB rev E3
    Detected: J7X-INFOTAN-EXP rev E2
    Detected: J7X-VSC8514-ETH rev E2
    cdns,sierra serdes@5000000: sierra probed


  • Note : For J721s2 and other SOCs that does not follow the legacy boot mode, the tiboot3.bin should be taken from ${PSDKLA}/board-support/k3-image-gen-2022.01/tiboot3.bin instead of ${PSDKLA}/board-support/u-boot_build/r5/tiboot3.bin