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TMS320C6745: 32-bit Math Library

Part Number: TMS320C6745

Is there a way to use the functions like:

  • sqrt()
  • exp()
  • log()

where they do NOT use the 16-bit compact instructions but rather all of the instructions are 32-bit?

So instead of this:

05A6 MVK.L1 0, A3
92C7 MV.L2X A5, B4

I get this:

0180A358 MVK.L1 0, A3
0214105A MV.L2X A5, B4


  • Hello,

    Let me loop in our compiler team for help.



  • These functions ...

    • sqrt()
    • exp()
    • log()

    ... come from the compiler RTS library.  You want a variant of the library built with the compiler option --no_compress.  This is not supplied with the compiler installation, and so you have to build it yourself.  To learn how to do that, please search the C6000 compiler manual for the sub-chapter titled Library-Build Process.  Focus on the part titled Building Libraries With Custom Options.

    Thanks and regards,


  • Do you have to have something like Cygwin [pkgs: bash, make, unzip] to build this? 

    I tried doing this:

    $ ./mklib.exe --pattern=rts6740.lib --name=rts6740_no_compress.lib --extra_options="--no_compress" --verbose

    ...but got the following:

    $ ./mklib.exe --pattern=rts6740.lib --name=rts6740_no_compress.lib --extra_options="--no_compress" --verbose
    Option --index not specified, using d:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c6000_7.4.4/lib/\libc.a
    Building \rts6740_no_compress.lib from pattern rts6740.lib
    Work directory : d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj
    mkdir d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj
    mkdir d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj\SRC
    mkdir d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj\OBJ
    cd d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/src
    d:/cygwin64/bin/unzip.exe -a  "d:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c6000_7.4.4/lib/"
    Archive:  d:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c6000_7.4.4/lib/
      inflating: complex                 [text]
      inflating: xcomplex                [text]
      inflating: divi_c.c                [text]
      inflating: divu_c.c                [text]
      inflating: remi_c.c                [text]
      inflating: remu_c.c                [text]
      inflating: strasgi_c.c             [text]
      inflating: ieeed.h                 [text]
      inflating: syntd.h                 [text]
      inflating: frcaddd.h               [text]
      inflating: double_config.h         [text]
      inflating: frcmpyd.h               [text]
      inflating: renormd.h               [text]
      inflating: frcdivd.h               [text]
      inflating: float_config.h          [text]
      inflating: ieeef.h                 [text]
      inflating: chunk.h                 [text]
      inflating: syntf.h                 [text]
      inflating: frcdivf.h               [text]
      inflating: frcmpyf.h               [text]
      inflating: frcaddf.h               [text]
      inflating: renormf.h               [text]
      inflating: Makefile                [text]
      inflating: decode.c                [text]
      inflating: formi.h                 [text]
      inflating: global.h                [text]
      inflating: reald.h                 [text]
      inflating: target.h                [text]
      inflating: ieeemask.h              [text]
      inflating: numconst.h              [text]
      inflating: addf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: cmpf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: divf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: divremx_i.h             [text]
      inflating: eqlf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: fixfy_i.h               [text]
      inflating: fltxf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: fixfx_i.h               [text]
      inflating: frcaddf_i.h             [text]
      inflating: geqf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: fltyf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: frcdivf1_i.h            [text]
      inflating: frcdivf2_i.h            [text]
      inflating: frcmpyf2_i.h            [text]
      inflating: frcmpyf_div_i.h         [text]
      inflating: frcmpyf1_i.h            [text]
      inflating: gtrf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: leqf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: lssf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: mpyf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: negf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: neqf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: renormf_i.h             [text]
      inflating: subf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: access.h                [text]
      inflating: math.h                  [text]
      inflating: mathf.h                 [text]
      inflating: elfnames.h              [text]
      inflating: mathl.h                 [text]
      inflating: absf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: acoshf_i.h              [text]
      inflating: acot2f_i.h              [text]
      inflating: acosf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: acothf_i.h              [text]
      inflating: asinf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: acotf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: cosf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: coshf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: asinhf_i.h              [text]
      inflating: atan2f_i.h              [text]
      inflating: atanf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: atanhf_i.h              [text]
      inflating: ceilf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: cotf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: exp10f_i.h              [text]
      inflating: exp2f_i.h               [text]
      inflating: cothf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: expf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: floorf_i.h              [text]
      inflating: fmodf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: fabsf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: isfinitef_i.h           [text]
      inflating: isinff_i.h              [text]
      inflating: fpclassifyf_i.h         [text]
      inflating: frexp2_i.h              [text]
      inflating: frexpf_i.h              [text]
      inflating: isnormalf_i.h           [text]
      inflating: logf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: log2f_i.h               [text]
      inflating: ldexpf_i.h              [text]
      inflating: log10f_i.h              [text]
      inflating: modff_i.h               [text]
      inflating: nextafter_i.h           [text]
      inflating: powf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: roundf_i.h              [text]
      inflating: rsqrtf_i.h              [text]
      inflating: powif_i.h               [text]
      inflating: sinf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: sqrtf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: tanf_i.h                [text]
      inflating: sinhf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: truncf_i.h              [text]
      inflating: div.c                   [text]
      inflating: tanhf_i.h               [text]
      inflating: ldiv.c                  [text]
      inflating: lldiv.c                 [text]
      inflating: tdeh_c6000.h            [text]
      inflating: tls.h                   [text]
      inflating: weak_return.c           [text]
      inflating: divtypes.h              [text]
      inflating: divrem.c                [text]
      inflating: tls.c                   [text]
      inflating: tdeh_uwentry_c6000.asm  [text]
      inflating: tls_get_tp.asm          [text]
      inflating: xxcabs.h                [text]
      inflating: tdeh_pr_c6000.cpp       [text]
      inflating: formi64.h               [text]
      inflating: complex.h               [text]
      inflating: formi32.h               [text]
      inflating: xxcacosh.h              [text]
      inflating: xxcarg.h                [text]
      inflating: xxcacos.h               [text]
      inflating: xxcasinh.h              [text]
      inflating: xxcatan.h               [text]
      inflating: xxcasin.h               [text]
      inflating: xxccos.h                [text]
      inflating: xxccosh.h               [text]
      inflating: xxcatanh.h              [text]
      inflating: xxcexp.h                [text]
      inflating: xxclog.h                [text]
      inflating: xxclog10.h              [text]
      inflating: xxcimag.h               [text]
      inflating: xxconj.h                [text]
      inflating: xxcpow.h                [text]
      inflating: xxcreal.h               [text]
      inflating: xxcsinh.h               [text]
      inflating: xxcproj.h               [text]
      inflating: xxcsin.h                [text]
      inflating: xxctan.h                [text]
      inflating: xxctanh.h               [text]
      inflating: xxcsqrt.h               [text]
      inflating: xxxcbuild.h             [text]
      inflating: xxxcmulcc.h             [text]
      inflating: xxxcmulcr.h             [text]
      inflating: xxxcaddcc.h             [text]
      inflating: xxxcaddcr.h             [text]
      inflating: xxxcdivcc.h             [text]
      inflating: xxxcdivcr.h             [text]
      inflating: xxxcsubcc.h             [text]
      inflating: xxxcsubcr.h             [text]
      inflating: cabs.c                  [text]
      inflating: cabsf.c                 [text]
      inflating: cabsl.c                 [text]
      inflating: cacos.c                 [text]
      inflating: cacosf.c                [text]
      inflating: cacosh.c                [text]
      inflating: cacosl.c                [text]
      inflating: carg.c                  [text]
      inflating: cacoshf.c               [text]
      inflating: cacoshl.c               [text]
      inflating: cargf.c                 [text]
      inflating: cargl.c                 [text]
      inflating: casin.c                 [text]
      inflating: casinf.c                [text]
      inflating: casinh.c                [text]
      inflating: casinhl.c               [text]
      inflating: casinl.c                [text]
      inflating: casinhf.c               [text]
      inflating: catan.c                 [text]
      inflating: catanf.c                [text]
      inflating: catanh.c                [text]
      inflating: catanhl.c               [text]
      inflating: catanl.c                [text]
      inflating: catanhf.c               [text]
      inflating: ccos.c                  [text]
      inflating: ccosf.c                 [text]
      inflating: ccosh.c                 [text]
      inflating: ccoshf.c                [text]
      inflating: ccoshl.c                [text]
      inflating: ccosl.c                 [text]
      inflating: cexp.c                  [text]
      inflating: cexpf.c                 [text]
      inflating: cexpl.c                 [text]
      inflating: cimag.c                 [text]
      inflating: cimagf.c                [text]
      inflating: cimagl.c                [text]
      inflating: clog.c                  [text]
      inflating: clog10.c                [text]
      inflating: clog10l.c               [text]
      inflating: clogf.c                 [text]
      inflating: clog10f.c               [text]
      inflating: clogl.c                 [text]
      inflating: conj.c                  [text]
      inflating: conjf.c                 [text]
      inflating: conjl.c                 [text]
      inflating: cpow.c                  [text]
      inflating: cpowf.c                 [text]
      inflating: cpowl.c                 [text]
      inflating: cproj.c                 [text]
      inflating: cprojf.c                [text]
      inflating: cprojl.c                [text]
      inflating: creal.c                 [text]
      inflating: crealf.c                [text]
      inflating: creall.c                [text]
      inflating: csin.c                  [text]
      inflating: csinf.c                 [text]
      inflating: csinh.c                 [text]
      inflating: csinhf.c                [text]
      inflating: csinhl.c                [text]
      inflating: csinl.c                 [text]
      inflating: csqrtf.c                [text]
      inflating: csqrtl.c                [text]
      inflating: csqrt.c                 [text]
      inflating: ctan.c                  [text]
      inflating: ctanf.c                 [text]
      inflating: ctanl.c                 [text]
      inflating: ctanh.c                 [text]
      inflating: ctanhf.c                [text]
      inflating: ctanhl.c                [text]
      inflating: xfcbuild.c              [text]
      inflating: xlcbuild.c              [text]
      inflating: xcbuild.c               [text]
      inflating: xfcaddcc.c              [text]
      inflating: xlcaddcc.c              [text]
      inflating: xcaddcc.c               [text]
      inflating: xfcaddcr.c              [text]
      inflating: xlcaddcr.c              [text]
      inflating: xcaddcr.c               [text]
      inflating: xfcsubcc.c              [text]
      inflating: xlcsubcc.c              [text]
      inflating: xcsubcc.c               [text]
      inflating: xcmulcc.c               [text]
      inflating: xfcmulcc.c              [text]
      inflating: xcsubcr.c               [text]
      inflating: xlcsubcr.c              [text]
      inflating: xfcsubcr.c              [text]
      inflating: tdeh_common.h           [text]
      inflating: cpy_tbl.h               [text]
      inflating: xlcmulcc.c              [text]
      inflating: xcmulcr.c               [text]
      inflating: xfcmulcr.c              [text]
      inflating: xlcmulcr.c              [text]
      inflating: xcdivcc.c               [text]
      inflating: xfcdivcc.c              [text]
      inflating: xlcdivcc.c              [text]
      inflating: xcdivcr.c               [text]
      inflating: xlcdivcr.c              [text]
      inflating: xfcdivcr.c              [text]
      inflating: tdeh_unwinder.cpp       [text]
      inflating: tdeh_pr_common.cpp      [text]
      inflating: tdeh_init.cpp           [text]
      inflating: tdeh_cpp_abi.cpp        [text]
      inflating: float.h                 [text]
      inflating: limits.h                [text]
      inflating: stdarg.h                [text]
      inflating: _data_synch.h           [text]
      inflating: _isfuncdcl.h            [text]
      inflating: _isfuncdef.h            [text]
      inflating: _fmt_specifier.h        [text]
      inflating: _lock.h                 [text]
      inflating: _mutex.h                [text]
      inflating: _reg_mutex_api.h        [text]
      inflating: _tls.h                  [text]
      inflating: _pthread.h              [text]
      inflating: assert.h                [text]
      inflating: cpp_inline_math.h       [text]
      inflating: _reg_synch_api.h        [text]
      inflating: ctype.h                 [text]
      inflating: errno.h                 [text]
      inflating: file.h                  [text]
      inflating: iso646.h                [text]
      inflating: locale.h                [text]
      inflating: inttypes.h              [text]
      inflating: setjmp.h                [text]
      inflating: stddef.h                [text]
      inflating: stdint.h                [text]
      inflating: stdio.h                 [text]
      inflating: stdlib.h                [text]
      inflating: string.h                [text]
      inflating: time.h                  [text]
      inflating: wchar.h                 [text]
      inflating: wctype.h                [text]
      inflating: _dtor_list.h            [text]
      inflating: cargs.h                 [text]
      inflating: format.h                [text]
      inflating: ecvt.c                  [text]
      inflating: exit.c                  [text]
      inflating: cpy_tbl.c               [text]
      inflating: fcvt.c                  [text]
      inflating: memory.c                [text]
      inflating: _data_synch.c           [text]
      inflating: _io_perm.c              [text]
      inflating: _bufread.c              [text]
      inflating: _lock.c                 [text]
      inflating: _mutex.c                [text]
      inflating: _printfi_min.c          [text]
      inflating: _pthread.c              [text]
      inflating: _printfi.c              [text]
      inflating: _printfi_nf.c           [text]
      inflating: _tvaltostr.c            [text]
      inflating: asctime.c               [text]
      inflating: _scanfi.c               [text]
      inflating: _scanfi_nf.c            [text]
      inflating: _scanfi_min.c           [text]
      inflating: abs.c                   [text]
      inflating: args_main.c             [text]
      inflating: assert.c                [text]
      inflating: atexit.c                [text]
      inflating: atof.c                  [text]
      inflating: atoi.c                  [text]
      inflating: atol.c                  [text]
      inflating: atoll.c                 [text]
      inflating: clearerr.c              [text]
      inflating: clock.c                 [text]
      inflating: bsearch.c               [text]
      inflating: ctime_.c                [text]
      inflating: ctype.c                 [text]
      inflating: defs.c                  [text]
      inflating: errno.c                 [text]
      inflating: fclose.c                [text]
      inflating: difftime.c              [text]
      inflating: feof.c                  [text]
      inflating: ferror.c                [text]
      inflating: fflush.c                [text]
      inflating: fgetc.c                 [text]
      inflating: fprintf.c               [text]
      inflating: fgets.c                 [text]
      inflating: fgetpos.c               [text]
      inflating: fputc.c                 [text]
      inflating: fopen.c                 [text]
      inflating: fputs.c                 [text]
      inflating: fread.c                 [text]
      inflating: fscanf.c                [text]
      inflating: fseek.c                 [text]
      inflating: ftell.c                 [text]
      inflating: fwrite.c                [text]
      inflating: fsetpos.c               [text]
      inflating: getenv.c                [text]
      inflating: gmtime.c                [text]
      inflating: imaxdiv.c               [text]
      inflating: isalnum.c               [text]
      inflating: imaxabs.c               [text]
      inflating: isascii.c               [text]
      inflating: iscntrl.c               [text]
      inflating: isalpha.c               [text]
      inflating: isgraph.c               [text]
      inflating: islower.c               [text]
      inflating: isdigit.c               [text]
      inflating: isupper.c               [text]
      inflating: isxdigit.c              [text]
      inflating: isprint.c               [text]
      inflating: isspace.c               [text]
      inflating: ispunct.c               [text]
      inflating: lowlev.c                [text]
      inflating: ltoa.c                  [text]
      inflating: localtim.c              [text]
      inflating: memchr.c                [text]
      inflating: memcmp.c                [text]
      inflating: memccpy.c               [text]
      inflating: memmov.c                [text]
      inflating: mktime.c                [text]
      inflating: multibyte.c             [text]
      inflating: perror.c                [text]
      inflating: printf.c                [text]
      inflating: qsort.c                 [text]
      inflating: rand.c                  [text]
      inflating: remove.c                [text]
      inflating: rewind.c                [text]
      inflating: setbuf.c                [text]
      inflating: setlocale.c             [text]
      inflating: sinit.c                 [text]
      inflating: snprintf.c              [text]
      inflating: setvbuf.c               [text]
      inflating: strchr.c                [text]
      inflating: sscanf.c                [text]
      inflating: sprintf.c               [text]
      inflating: strcat.c                [text]
      inflating: strcmp.c                [text]
      inflating: strcpy.c                [text]
      inflating: strcspn.c               [text]
      inflating: strcoll.c               [text]
      inflating: strlen.c                [text]
      inflating: strncat.c               [text]
      inflating: strerror.c              [text]
      inflating: strftime.c              [text]
      inflating: strncpy.c               [text]
      inflating: strpbrk.c               [text]
      inflating: strncmp.c               [text]
      inflating: strspn.c                [text]
      inflating: strstr.c                [text]
      inflating: strrchr.c               [text]
      inflating: strtod.c                [text]
      inflating: strtok.c                [text]
      inflating: strtol.c                [text]
      inflating: strtoll.c               [text]
      inflating: strtoul.c               [text]
      inflating: strtold.c               [text]
      inflating: strtoimax.c             [text]
      inflating: strxfrm.c               [text]
      inflating: strtoull.c              [text]
      inflating: strtoumax.c             [text]
      inflating: time.c                  [text]
      inflating: tmpnam.c                [text]
      inflating: tmzone.c                [text]
      inflating: tmpfile.c               [text]
      inflating: tolower.c               [text]
      inflating: toupper.c               [text]
      inflating: toascii.c               [text]
      inflating: trgdrv.c                [text]
      inflating: ungetc.c                [text]
      inflating: vsnprintf.c             [text]
      inflating: vsprintf.c              [text]
      inflating: vfprintf.c              [text]
      inflating: vprintf.c               [text]
      inflating: wctype.c                [text]
      inflating: c99_complex.c           [text]
      inflating: addf.c                  [text]
      inflating: cmpf.c                  [text]
      inflating: cvtdf.c                 [text]
      inflating: divf.c                  [text]
      inflating: fixfi.c                 [text]
      inflating: fixfli.c                [text]
      inflating: fixfu.c                 [text]
      inflating: fixful.c                [text]
      inflating: fltlif.c                [text]
      inflating: fixflli.c               [text]
      inflating: fltllif.c               [text]
      inflating: fltif.c                 [text]
      inflating: fixfull.c               [text]
      inflating: fltuf.c                 [text]
      inflating: fltulf.c                [text]
      inflating: frcaddf.c               [text]
      inflating: frcdivf.c               [text]
      inflating: fltullf.c               [text]
      inflating: frcmpyf_div.c           [text]
      inflating: mpyf.c                  [text]
      inflating: frcmpyf.c               [text]
      inflating: negf.c                  [text]
      inflating: subf.c                  [text]
      inflating: xmath.h                 [text]
      inflating: renormf.c               [text]
      inflating: xxxsin.h                [text]
      inflating: xxxexp.h                [text]
      inflating: xxdftype.h              [text]
      inflating: xxfftype.h              [text]
      inflating: xxlftype.h              [text]
      inflating: xxxcosh.h               [text]
      inflating: xxxsinh.h               [text]
      inflating: xxxhypot.h              [text]
      inflating: xxlog1p.h               [text]
      inflating: xxhypot.h               [text]
      inflating: xsin.c                  [text]
      inflating: xfsin.c                 [text]
      inflating: xxxpoly.h               [text]
      inflating: xlsin.c                 [text]
      inflating: xsinh.c                 [text]
      inflating: xfsinh.c                [text]
      inflating: xlsinh.c                [text]
      inflating: xcosh.c                 [text]
      inflating: xfcosh.c                [text]
      inflating: xlcosh.c                [text]
      inflating: xexp.c                  [text]
      inflating: xfexp.c                 [text]
      inflating: xlexp.c                 [text]
      inflating: xdtest.c                [text]
      inflating: xldtest.c               [text]
      inflating: xdscale.c               [text]
      inflating: xfdtest.c               [text]
      inflating: xhypot.c                [text]
      inflating: xfhypot.c               [text]
      inflating: xfdscale.c              [text]
      inflating: xldscale.c              [text]
      inflating: xdnorm.c                [text]
      inflating: xfdnorm.c               [text]
      inflating: xldnorm.c               [text]
      inflating: xvalues.c               [text]
      inflating: xfvalues.c              [text]
      inflating: xlvalues.c              [text]
      inflating: xferaise.c              [text]
      inflating: hypot.c                 [text]
      inflating: hypotf.c                [text]
      inflating: xlhypot.c               [text]
      inflating: hypotl.c                [text]
      inflating: log1p.c                 [text]
      inflating: log1pf.c                [text]
      inflating: log1pl.c                [text]
      inflating: xpoly.c                 [text]
      inflating: xfpoly.c                [text]
      inflating: xlpoly.c                [text]
      inflating: longdouble_config.h     [text]
      inflating: modf.c                  [text]
      inflating: modff.c                 [text]
      inflating: modfl.c                 [text]
      inflating: absd.c                  [text]
      inflating: acos.c                  [text]
      inflating: eh_util.cpp             [text]
      inflating: throw_edg.cpp           [text]
      inflating: acosh.c                 [text]
      inflating: acot.c                  [text]
      inflating: acot2.c                 [text]
      inflating: acoth.c                 [text]
      inflating: asin.c                  [text]
      inflating: asinh.c                 [text]
      inflating: atan.c                  [text]
      inflating: atan2.c                 [text]
      inflating: atanh.c                 [text]
      inflating: ceil.c                  [text]
      inflating: cos.c                   [text]
      inflating: cosh.c                  [text]
      inflating: cot.c                   [text]
      inflating: coth.c                  [text]
      inflating: exp.c                   [text]
      inflating: exp10.c                 [text]
      inflating: exp2.c                  [text]
      inflating: fabs.c                  [text]
      inflating: floor.c                 [text]
      inflating: fmod.c                  [text]
      inflating: fpclassify.c            [text]
      inflating: frexp.c                 [text]
      inflating: isnan.c                 [text]
      inflating: isinf.c                 [text]
      inflating: isfinite.c              [text]
      inflating: isnormal.c              [text]
      inflating: ldexp.c                 [text]
      inflating: log.c                   [text]
      inflating: log10.c                 [text]
      inflating: log2.c                  [text]
      inflating: pow.c                   [text]
      inflating: powi.c                  [text]
      inflating: round.c                 [text]
      inflating: rsqrt.c                 [text]
      inflating: sin.c                   [text]
      inflating: sinh.c                  [text]
      inflating: sqrt.c                  [text]
      inflating: tan.c                   [text]
      inflating: tanh.c                  [text]
      inflating: trunc.c                 [text]
      inflating: c60.h                   [text]
      inflating: trgcio.h                [text]
      inflating: elf_linkage.h           [text]
      inflating: c6x.h                   [text]
      inflating: c60asm.i                [text]
      inflating: unaccess.h              [text]
      inflating: gsm.h                   [text]
      inflating: pprof.h                 [text]
      inflating: autoinit.c              [text]
      inflating: vect.h                  [text]
      inflating: linkage.h               [text]
      inflating: cpp_init.c              [text]
      inflating: boot.c                  [text]
      inflating: dtos.c                  [text]
      inflating: lltoa.c                 [text]
      inflating: memcpy62.c              [text]
      inflating: gsmfuncs.c              [text]
      inflating: gsmvars.c               [text]
      inflating: imath40.c               [text]
      inflating: imath64.c               [text]
      inflating: llshift.c               [text]
      inflating: mpyll.c                 [text]
      inflating: pprof_cio.c             [text]
      inflating: trgmsg.c                [text]
      inflating: outprof.c               [text]
      inflating: pprof_user.c            [text]
      inflating: memset.c                [text]
      inflating: copy_decompress_none.c  [text]
      inflating: copy_decompress_rle.c   [text]
      inflating: copy_zero_init.c        [text]
      inflating: copy_decompress_lzss.c  [text]
      inflating:                [text]
      inflating: addd.c                  [text]
      inflating: cmpd.c                  [text]
      inflating: cvtfd.c                 [text]
      inflating: divd.c                  [text]
      inflating: fixdi.c                 [text]
      inflating: fixdli.c                [text]
      inflating: fixdu.c                 [text]
      inflating: fixdul.c                [text]
      inflating: fixdlli.c               [text]
      inflating: fltid.c                 [text]
      inflating: fltlid.c                [text]
      inflating: fixdull.c               [text]
      inflating: fltud.c                 [text]
      inflating: fltuld.c                [text]
      inflating: fltllid.c               [text]
      inflating: frcaddd.c               [text]
      inflating: frcdivd.c               [text]
      inflating: fltulld.c               [text]
      inflating: frcmpyd_div.c           [text]
      inflating: mpyd.c                  [text]
      inflating: frcmpyd.c               [text]
      inflating: negd.c                  [text]
      inflating: subd.c                  [text]
      inflating: stdbool.h               [text]
      inflating: renormd.c               [text]
      inflating: signal.h                [text]
      inflating: cmath                   [text]
      inflating: xwcc.h                  [text]
      inflating: ymath.h                 [text]
      inflating: yvals.h                 [text]
      inflating: bitset                  [text]
      inflating: cassert                 [text]
      inflating: algorithm               [text]
      inflating: cctype                  [text]
      inflating: cerrno                  [text]
      inflating: cfloat                  [text]
      inflating: ciso646                 [text]
      inflating: climits                 [text]
      inflating: clocale                 [text]
      inflating: csetjmp                 [text]
      inflating: csignal                 [text]
      inflating: cstdarg                 [text]
      inflating: cstddef                 [text]
      inflating: cstdio                  [text]
      inflating: cstdlib                 [text]
      inflating: cstring                 [text]
      inflating: ctime                   [text]
      inflating: cwchar                  [text]
      inflating: cwctype                 [text]
      inflating: deque                   [text]
      inflating: fstream                 [text]
      inflating: hash_map                [text]
      inflating: hash_set                [text]
      inflating: iomanip                 [text]
      inflating: exception               [text]
      inflating: fstream.h               [text]
      inflating: functional              [text]
      inflating: iosfwd                  [text]
      inflating: iostream                [text]
      inflating: iomanip.h               [text]
      inflating: ios                     [text]
      inflating: istream                 [text]
      inflating: iterator                [text]
      inflating: iostream.h              [text]
      inflating: limits                  [text]
      inflating: locale                  [text]
      inflating: map                     [text]
      inflating: list                    [text]
      inflating: memory                  [text]
      inflating: new.h                   [text]
      inflating: numeric                 [text]
      inflating: new                     [text]
      inflating: ostream                 [text]
      inflating: queue                   [text]
      inflating: sstream                 [text]
      inflating: stack                   [text]
      inflating: rope                    [text]
      inflating: set                     [text]
      inflating: slist                   [text]
      inflating: stdiostream.h           [text]
      inflating: stl.h                   [text]
      inflating: stdexcept               [text]
      inflating: string                  [text]
      inflating: strstream               [text]
      inflating: streambuf               [text]
      inflating: strstream.h             [text]
      inflating: typeinfo                [text]
      inflating: utility                 [text]
      inflating: valarray                [text]
      inflating: vector                  [text]
      inflating: wchar.hx                [text]
      inflating: xdebug                  [text]
      inflating: xhash                   [text]
      inflating: xiosbase                [text]
      inflating: xlocale                 [text]
      inflating: xlocinfo                [text]
      inflating: xlocmes                 [text]
      inflating: xlocmon                 [text]
      inflating: xlocinfo.h              [text]
      inflating: xlocnum                 [text]
      inflating: xmemory                 [text]
      inflating: xstddef                 [text]
      inflating: xloctime                [text]
      inflating: xstring                 [text]
      inflating: xtree                   [text]
      inflating: xutility                [text]
      inflating: xxstod.h                [text]
      inflating: xxxdtent.h              [text]
      inflating: xxcctype.h              [text]
      inflating: signal.c                [text]
      inflating: raise.c                 [text]
      inflating: fwide.c                 [text]
      inflating: stox.c                  [text]
      inflating: ios.cpp                 [text]
      inflating: iostream.cpp            [text]
      inflating: fiopen.cpp              [text]
      inflating: iomanip.cpp             [text]
      inflating: wiostrea.cpp            [text]
      inflating: throw.cpp               [text]
      inflating: limits.cpp              [text]
      inflating: locale.cpp              [text]
      inflating: locale0.cpp             [text]
      inflating: nothrow.cpp             [text]
      inflating: raisehan.cpp            [text]
      inflating: string.cpp              [text]
      inflating: strstrea.cpp            [text]
      inflating: wlocale.cpp             [text]
      inflating:                [text]
      inflating: absf.c                  [text]
      inflating: xfpostox.cpp            [text]
      inflating: xlocale.cpp             [text]
      inflating: xlocinfo.cpp            [text]
      inflating: xatexit.cx0             [text]
      inflating: acosf.c                 [text]
      inflating: acoshf.c                [text]
      inflating: acot2f.c                [text]
      inflating: acotf.c                 [text]
      inflating: acothf.c                [text]
      inflating: asinf.c                 [text]
      inflating: asinhf.c                [text]
      inflating: atanf.c                 [text]
      inflating: atan2f.c                [text]
      inflating: atanhf.c                [text]
      inflating: ceilf.c                 [text]
      inflating: cosf.c                  [text]
      inflating: coshf.c                 [text]
      inflating: cotf.c                  [text]
      inflating: cothf.c                 [text]
      inflating: exp10f.c                [text]
      inflating: exp2f.c                 [text]
      inflating: expf.c                  [text]
      inflating: fabsf.c                 [text]
      inflating: floorf.c                [text]
      inflating: fmodf.c                 [text]
      inflating: fpclassifyf.c           [text]
      inflating: frexpf.c                [text]
      inflating: isfinitef.c             [text]
      inflating: isinff.c                [text]
      inflating: isnanf.c                [text]
      inflating: isnormalf.c             [text]
      inflating: ldexpf.c                [text]
      inflating: log10f.c                [text]
      inflating: log2f.c                 [text]
      inflating: logf.c                  [text]
      inflating: powif.c                 [text]
      inflating: powf.c                  [text]
      inflating: roundf.c                [text]
      inflating: rsqrtf.c                [text]
      inflating: sinf.c                  [text]
      inflating: sinhf.c                 [text]
      inflating: sqrtf.c                 [text]
      inflating: tanf.c                  [text]
      inflating: tanhf.c                 [text]
      inflating: truncf.c                [text]
      inflating: divi_t.asm              [text]
      inflating: divu_t.asm              [text]
      inflating: remi_t.asm              [text]
      inflating: remu_t.asm              [text]
      inflating: strasgi_t.asm           [text]
      inflating: basics.h                [text]
      inflating: config.h                [text]
      inflating: cxxabi.h                [text]
      inflating: dtor_list.h             [text]
      inflating: eh.h                    [text]
      inflating: defines.h               [text]
      inflating: error.h                 [text]
      inflating: rtti.h                  [text]
      inflating: runtime.h               [text]
      inflating: memzero.h               [text]
      inflating: vec_newdel.h            [text]
      inflating: vtbl.h                  [text]
      inflating: array_nodel.cpp         [text]
      inflating: array_nonew.cpp         [text]
      inflating: array_del.cpp           [text]
      inflating: array_new.cpp           [text]
      inflating: dtor_list.cpp           [text]
      inflating: delete.cpp              [text]
      inflating: array_pdel.cpp          [text]
      inflating: delnothrow.cpp          [text]
      inflating: array_pnew.cpp          [text]
      inflating: guard.cpp               [text]
      inflating: memzero.cpp             [text]
      inflating: error.cpp               [text]
      inflating: new_.cpp                [text]
      inflating: newnothrow.cpp          [text]
      inflating: placedel.cpp            [text]
      inflating: newhandler.cpp          [text]
      inflating: pure_virt.cpp           [text]
      inflating: rtti.cpp                [text]
      inflating: placenew.cpp            [text]
      inflating: typeinfo_.cpp           [text]
      inflating: vars.cpp                [text]
      inflating: set_new.cpp             [text]
      inflating: vec_newdel.cpp          [text]
      inflating: divi.asm                [text]
      inflating: vec_cctor.cpp           [text]
      inflating: divu.asm                [text]
      inflating: memcpy64.asm            [text]
      inflating: remi.asm                [text]
      inflating: remu.asm                [text]
      inflating: strasg.asm              [text]
      inflating: push.asm                [text]
      inflating: call_stub.asm           [text]
      inflating: setjmp.asm              [text]
    d:/cygwin64/bin/make.exe SHELL="d:/cygwin64/bin/sh.exe" -j 12 library EXTRA_FLAGS="--no_compress " INC="d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj
    /src" OBJ="d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj" LIB="d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/rts6740_no_compress.lib" C6740=1 NOT_VENC_ASM=1 C60
    cl6x -o -oe -k -pdsw225 -q --no_compress  -mo --mem_model:data=far --no_visible_enums -c --ti_lib --building_runtime -D_BOOL
    -mv6740 --gcc -Id:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/src -fr d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj -fs d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj -ft d
    cl6x -o -oe -k -pdsw225 -q --no_compress  -mo --mem_model:data=far --no_visible_enums -c --ti_lib --building_runtime -D_BOOL
    -mv6740 --gcc -Id:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/src -fr d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj -fs d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj -ft d
    cl6x autoinit.c -o -oe -k -pdsw225 -q --no_compress  -mo --mem_model:data=far --no_visible_enums -c --ti_lib --building_runtime -D_BOO
    L -mv6740 --gcc -Id:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/src -fr d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj -fs d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj -ft
    d:/cygwin64/bin/sh: cl6x: command not found
    cl6x cpp_init.c -o -oe -k -pdsw225 -q --no_compress  -mo --mem_model:data=far --no_visible_enums -c --ti_lib --building_runtime -D_BOO
    L -mv6740 --gcc -Id:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/src -fr d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj -fs d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj -ft
    d:/cygwin64/bin/sh: cl6x: command not found
    cl6x boot.c -o -oe -k -pdsw225 -q --no_compress  -mo --mem_model:data=far --no_visible_enums -c --ti_lib --building_runtime -D_BOOL -m
    v6740 --gcc -Id:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/src -fr d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj -fs d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj -ft d:/
    make: *** [Makefile:1176: d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj/negll.obj] Error 127
    make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
    d:/cygwin64/bin/sh: cl6x: command not found
    d:/cygwin64/bin/sh: cl6x: command not found
    make: *** [Makefile:1186: d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj/cpp_init.obj] Error 127
    make: *** [Makefile:1181: d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj/wchar.obj] Error 127
    make: *** [Makefile:1186: d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj/autoinit.obj] Error 127
    d:/cygwin64/bin/sh: cl6x: command not found
    make: *** [Makefile:1186: d:/cygwin64/tmp/ti_mklibjmd1oj/obj/boot.obj] Error 127
    >> ERROR: mklib: gmake error during rts6740_no_compress.lib build

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


  • The documentation states that the utilities sh and gmake are used.  And it implies that many implementations of these utilities should work.  That said, it is typically the case you should use the variants that are installed with Code Composer Studio.  A good way to do that ...

    • Make sure gmake, sh, and unzip are not in your path
    • Set the environment variable CCS_UTILS_DIR with a command similar to: set CCS_UTILS_DIR=C:\ti\ccs55\ccsv5\utils
    • Make sure the \bin directory of the compiler installation is in your path
    • Run the mklib command while in the \lib directory of the compiler installation

    Thanks and regards,


  • I tried doing the steps you outlined above and am getting the following error:

    >> ERROR: mklib: could not find program "unzip", required for building libraries.  Modify the PATH environment variable to contain a directory containing this program.

    - This error seems to contradict your 1st bullet (but I'm sure I'm missing something)

    - I set the environment variable: CSS_UTILS_DIR=D:\TI\ccsv5\utils

    - I have the compiler \bin dir in the PATH: D:\TI\ccsv5\tools\compiler\c6000_7.4.4\bin 

    I tried adding CSS_UTILS_DIR\bin to the PATH but no luck.

    Here is the cmd line of what I did:

    'gmake' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    'sh' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    'unzip' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    D:\TI\ccsv5\tools\compiler\c6000_7.4.4\lib>echo %CSS_UTILS_DIR%
    D:\TI\ccsv5\tools\compiler\c6000_7.4.4\lib>echo %PATH%
    D:\TI\ccsv5\tools\compiler\c6000_7.4.4\lib>mklib --pattern=rts6740.lib --name=rts6740_no_compress.lib --extra_options="--no_compress"
    >> ERROR: mklib: could not find program "unzip", required for building libraries.  Modify the PATH environment variable to contain a directory containing this program.

    I appreciate the help!

    - Brooks

  • Spelling error.  It is CCS_UTILS_DIR.  Not CSS_UTILS_DIR.


  • * sigh * I knew it was something simple. Thank you!

  • So just to sum things up, to recompile the library with the --no_compress option, I had to do the following:

    1) Make sure gmakesh, and unzip are not in your path

    'gmake' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    'sh' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    'unzip' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    2) Set the environment variable [ CCS_UTILS_DIRwith a command similar to: 

    set CCS_UTILS_DIR=C:\ti\ccs55\ccsv5\utils

    D:\TI\ccsv5\tools\compiler\c6000_7.4.4\lib>echo %CCS_UTILS_DIR%

    3) Make sure the \bin directory of the compiler installation is in the your path:

    D:\TI\ccsv5\tools\compiler\c6000_7.4.4\lib>echo %PATH%

    4) Run the mklib command while in the \lib directory of the compiler installation

    mklib.exe --pattern=rts6740.lib --name=rts6740_no_compress.lib --extra_options="--no_compress" --install_to=.

    If you do not specify the --install_to=<DIR> option, it puts the output in [ C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\<BUILT_LIBRARY>.lib ]

    Thanks, George for all the help and advice!

    Hope this helps others,