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DRA821U: How I can modify Kernel defconfig

Part Number: DRA821U


Now I'm using ti-processor-sdk-linux-j7200-evm-08_02_00_02 SDK on yocto-build. I want to make new Kernel image after changing some kernel config.

Even I modified below files.



.config always refreshed.


I want to change and add below config. Please let me know how I can add these.



  • Hi Jun,

    Can you build the kernel from the top level Makefile and source code in the base of the SDK instead of Yocto?


  • If so, how I can flash vmlinux image to SDK board? I need to make whole 'tisdk-default-image'.

  • Is there any update? Please help to share how to change the CONFIG

  • I found a way

    # Clean TI Kernel build target
    TOOLCHAIN_BASE=/local3/mnt/workspace MACHINE=j7200-evm bitbake -c clean linux-ti-staging

    # Perform the bitbake 'configure' step on the TI Kernel build target to establish a baseline
    # Kernel configuration that can then be used for further customization. Note that this triggers
    # the default (a TI tool) based process to generate a Kernel config.
    TOOLCHAIN_BASE=/local3/mnt/workspace MACHINE=j7200-evm bitbake -c configure linux-ti-staging

    # Now enter the bitbake devshell so we can explore and work on the TI Kernel
    TOOLCHAIN_BASE=/local3/mnt/workspace MACHINE=j7200-evm bitbake -c devshell linux-ti-staging

    # Open the Kernel menuconfig tool. There, look for the CONFIG_LOCALVERSION setting and populate
    # it with a custom test string of "defconfig-test". Then, exit the tool.
    make menuconfig

    # Verify the changes to the Kernel config that were made
    diff $KBUILD_OUTPUT/.config.old $KBUILD_OUTPUT/.config
    > CONFIG_LOCALVERSION="defconfig-test"

    # Create a new 'defconfig' file based off the current Kernel config
    make savedefconfig

    # Verify that a new 'defconfig' file was created in the Kernel build output directory

    # Copy newly created 'defconfig' into the TI Kernel recipe folder that is part of the meta-ti layer,
    # overwriting the existing 'defconfig' file which is nornally used to trigger mechanism.
    cp $KBUILD_OUTPUT/defconfig /local3/mnt/workspace/ti-processor-sdk-linux-j7200-evm-08_01_00_01/yocto-build/sources/meta-ti/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-ti-staging-5.10/k3/

    # Close the bitbake devshell

    # Clean TI Kernel build target once more so we can witness the build environment to be
    # setup on our new custom defconfig part of the TI Kernel recipe in the next step
    TOOLCHAIN_BASE=/local3/mnt/workspace MACHINE=j7200-evm bitbake -c clean linux-ti-staging

    # Build the TI Kernel from scratch
    TOOLCHAIN_BASE=/local3/mnt/workspace MACHINE=j7200-evm bitbake linux-ti-staging