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SK-AM62: CCS 12: Device 'Cortex M.AM64x.AM62x_SK_EVM' is not currently recognized

Part Number: SK-AM62
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSCONFIG

Hello All,

I have the SK-AM62 board with CCS Installed as well as the mcu_plus_sdk_am62x_08_03_00_07.  I can create the hello word example and run it on the development board on the R5.  However when I attempt to run one of the driver examples, I can not import them.  When the import button is clicked, the following message is shown:

        Device 'Cortex M.AM64x.AM62x_SK_EVM' is not currently recognized:
- Re-run CCS installer on your existing CCS location, ensure the Product Family for your device is selected, and proceed with installation if it wasn't.
- See 'Help > Check for Updates' to check if support for this device is available through a CCS update.
- Migrate the project to closest matching supported device by adjusting project properties.
- Or contact TI for support if using experimental silicon.

When I installed the CCS, I selected install for all devices. 

Any assistance would be appreciated!


  • Dear Jim,

    Thanks for your query This is a bug we have already identified, 

    There is a mismatch between the device variant specified in the projectspec vs what CCS is expecting.

    The projectspec has "Cortex M.AM64x.AM62x_SK_EVM". CCS is expecting "Cortex M.AM62x.AM62x_SK_EVM"

    To workaround the issue, you need to replace the "Cortex M.AM64x.AM62x_SK_EVM" string with "Cortex M.AM62x.AM62x_SK_EVM".

    For example, replace the C:\ti\mcu_plus_sdk_am62x_08_03_00_07\examples\empty\am62x-sk\m4fss0-0_nortos\ti-arm-clang\example.projectspec with the one attached below:example.projectspec

    Please let me know if this resolves your issue



  • Thank you Anshu.  That change allowed the project to be imported.  However building the project fails with the message: recipe for target 'build-1030615489' failed
    Package not found: BGA
    gmake: *** [build-1030615489] Error 1
    gmake: Target 'all' not remade because of errors.

    The SysConfig section of the project properties (under Miscellaneous) has the following settings:

    -part Default

    -package BGA

    Since the M4 is part of the AM62x SOC, should this have already been set correctly? 

  • Dear Jim,

    Can you share the versions of CCS and Syscfg tools you are using? For AM62-SK, as mentioned in the readme.txt, it recommended to use CCS 11.2.0 and Syscfg 1.12.0 versions only to avoid these issues. Can you please try importing and building the project once again using the specified versions of tools and let us know if you are still facing those errors?

    Nihar Potturu

  • >>-package BGA
    I was able to go to Project->Properties->Build->Sysconfig->Misc and change package to ALW and successfully build.

    Just haven't tried running yet. Using Syscfg 1.12.0 (and CCS10.4. But had to update for AM62 so  CCS 11.2.0 much better )

    -Joe G.