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AM3505: Can AM3505AZCNAC be used instead of AM3505AZCNA without any change on HW and SW?

Part Number: AM3505


As for the AM3505A processor, would it be possible for you to provid information of what the difference between AM3505AZCNA and AM3505AZCNAC would affect the behavior of the processor, if AM3505AZCNAC is used instead fo AM3505AZCNA withtout any change on HW and SW?

And if you have the datasheet which shows the difference between 2 processors in detail, please provide it to me.

# What I understand

- The difference is the security function according to the "SPRS550F" datahsset, and there is not any physical difference between 2 part numbers.

  AM3505AZCNA: "No security" version

  AM3505AZCNAC: "Crypto Enabled" version

- There are several registors in the AM3505A processor for controlling the crypto functions in AM3505AZCNAC, for exmaple, CONTROL_APE_FW_DEFAULT_SECURE_LOCK.

  Like Table 6-138 in the "SPRUGR0C" datahsset, some these registor bits of AM3505AZCNAC, that determines behavior of a security function, have the same power-on reset value as that of AM3505AZCNA. These registor bits are booted up with disabled at the power-on reset timing. 

  While, some registers for the security functions have some bits for debug. These bits for debug are booted up with enabled at the power-on reset timing.

- At least, there are some differences on the default register setting on the power-on reset timing. These difference between between AM3505AZCNA and AM3505AZCNAC might affect the beheavior of the processor if AM3505AZCNAC is used instead fo AM3505AZCNA withtout any change on HW and SW.

# What I would like to confirm and what I request you to provide information

1. Could you please confirm whether what I am understanding like above is correct or not?

   if the understanding contains an incorrect information, please correct me.

2. If my understanding is correct, could you please tell us what difference appears on the behavior of AM3505AZCNAC.

   For exmaple, what about the power dissipation of the processor? How about the performance of the processor? 

3. If we put AM3505AZCNAC in instead of AM3505AZCNA without any change on both HW and SW, I woldl like to confirm wethe the behavior of AM3505AZCNAC is guaranteed?

   If it might not be guranteed, I would like to confirm what points we must investigate with testing?

4. Could you please provide detail information regarding the difference between 2 part numbers and what the difference affects?

I will appreciate your help.

Thank you and best regards,

Teruhisa Murashima