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SK-TDA4VM: is missing and QNX7.1 doesn't provide

Part Number: SK-TDA4VM

Ubuntu 18.04  + QNX7.1  BSP_ti-j721e-am752x-evm_br-710_be-710_SVN948724_JBN57 + TI QNX SDK (ti-processor-sdk-qnx_j721e_08_02_00_03)  + RTOS ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_02_00_05

dummy/' still not available in QNX software center. for QNX7.1

so that in target lib, can not provide this.

How to solve it? with ? \qnx710\target\qnx7\aarch64le\usr\lib\graphics\jacinto7\


######## screen package end ######
######## screen package extra ######
cp -rfL /home/xza2abt/qnx710/target/qnx7/aarch64le/usr/lib/graphics/dummy/                             /home/xza2abt/ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_02_00_05/psdkqa/bootfs/usr/lib/graphics/jacinto7/
cp: cannot stat '/home/xza2abt/qnx710/target/qnx7/aarch64le/usr/lib/graphics/dummy/': No such file or directory
/home/xza2abt/ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_02_00_05/psdkqa/qnx/scripts/ recipe for target 'qnx_sdk' failed
make[1]: *** [qnx_sdk] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/xza2abt/ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_02_00_05/psdkqa/qnx'
makefile:166: recipe for target 'qnx_fs_create' failed
make: *** [qnx_fs_create] Error 2

  • Hi,

    The current TI Process SDKs for QNX available at the time of this post, do not claim support for the SK-TDA4VM EVM.   To my knowledge there is not a QNX  SK-TDA4VM EVM BSP available publicly.

    If a proprietary solution on the  SK-TDA4VM EVM is being attempted, then the from QNX Software Center could likely be used, as described in the PSDK QNX 8.2 SDK, at 4.1. Release notes - 08_02_00 — Processor SDK QNX J721E (



  • thanks , i download the NULL_Driver pkg then build again , it is successful, but after in boot session, the file can not be loaded correctly

    U-Boot 2021.01-g44a87e3ab8 (Mar 23 2022 - 21:04:54 +0000)
    SoC:   J721E SR1.1
    Model: Texas Instruments K3 J721E SoC
    Board: J721EX-PM2-SOM rev A
    DRAM:  4 GiB
    Flash: 0 Bytes
    MMC:   sdhci@4f80000: 0, sdhci@4fb0000: 1
    In:    serial@2800000
    Out:   serial@2800000
    Err:   serial@2800000
    am65_cpsw_nuss ethernet@46000000: K3 CPSW: nuss_ver: 0x6BA00101 cpsw_ver: 0x6BA80100 ale_ver: 0x00293904 Ports:1 mdio_freq:1000000
    Detected: J7X-BASE-CPB rev E3
    Detected: J7X-VSC8514-ETH rev E2
    cdns,sierra serdes@5000000: sierra probed
    Net:   eth0: ethernet@46000000port@1
    Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
    switch to partitions #0, OK
    mmc1 is current device
    SD/MMC found on device 1
    Failed to load 'boot.scr'
    556 bytes read in 12 ms (44.9 KiB/s)
    Loaded env from uEnv.txt
    Importing environment from mmc1 ...
    Running uenvcmd ...
    gpio: pin gpio@22_17 (gpio 281) value is 1
    gpio: pin gpio@22_16 (gpio 280) value is 0
    k3_r5f_rproc r5f@41000000: Core 1 is already in use. No rproc commands work
    k3_r5f_rproc r5f@41400000: Core 2 is already in use. No rproc commands work
    4787436 bytes read in 215 ms (21.2 MiB/s)
    Load Remote Processor 2 with data@addr=0x82000000 4787436 bytes: Success!
    3043076 bytes read in 139 ms (20.9 MiB/s)
    Load Remote Processor 3 with data@addr=0x82000000 3043076 bytes: Success!
    Failed to load '/lib/firmware/j7-main-r5f1_0-fw'
    Failed to load '/lib/firmware/j7-main-r5f1_1-fw'
    Failed to load '/lib/firmware/j7-c66_0-fw'
    Failed to load '/lib/firmware/j7-c66_1-fw'
    Failed to load '/lib/firmware/j7-c71_0-fw'
    8283972 bytes read in 361 ms (21.9 MiB/s)
    ## Starting application at 0x80080000 ...
    MMU: 16-bit ASID 44-bit PA TCR_EL1=b5183519
    ARM GIC-500 r1p1, arch v3.0 detected
    gic_v3_lpi_add_entry for vectors 8192 -> 8447, Ok
    gic_v3_lpi_add_entry for vectors 8448 -> 65535, Ok
    No SPI intrinfo. Add default entry for 32 -> 991 vectors, Ok
    LPI config table #1 @ 000000008000f000, callout vaddr: ffffff8040251000
    cpu0: MPIDR=80000000
    cpu0: MIDR=411fd080 Cortex-A72 r1p0
    cpu0: CWG=4 ERG=4 Dminline=4 Iminline=4 PIPT
    cpu0: CLIDR=a200023 LoUU=1 LoC=2 LoUIS=1
    cpu0: L1 Icache 48K linesz=64 set/way=256/3
    cpu0: L1 Dcache 32K linesz=64 set/way=256/2
    cpu0: L2 Unified 1024K linesz=64 set/way=1024/16
    Enabling ITS 0
    ITS queue at 0000000080020000, num slots: 256
    Issue MAPC/SYNC/INVALL commands for ICID 0
    update CWRITER to 0x00000060
    Waiting for all commands to be processed ... Done in 1 tries
    Enable LPIs in GICR_CTLR @ 0000000001900000 for CPU0
    Display set to R5
    TI: Not configuring pcie to avoid serdes conflict with EthFw using QSGMII board
    Total Available L3 cache (MSMC SRAM): 0 bytes
    Loading IFS...decompressing...done
    cpu1: MPIDR=80000001
    cpu1: MIDR=411fd080 Cortex-A72 r1p0
    cpu1: CWG=4 ERG=4 Dminline=4 Iminline=4 PIPT
    cpu1: CLIDR=a200023 LoUU=1 LoC=2 LoUIS=1
    cpu1: L1 Icache 48K linesz=64 set/way=256/3
    cpu1: L1 Dcache 32K linesz=64 set/way=256/2
    cpu1: L2 Unified 1024K linesz=64 set/way=1024/16
    ITS 0 already Enabled
    ITS queue at 0000000080020000, num slots: 256
    Issue MAPC/SYNC/INVALL commands for ICID 1
    update CWRITER to 0x000000c0
    Waiting for all commands to be processed ... Done in 1 tries
    Enable LPIs in GICR_CTLR @ 0000000001920000 for CPU1
    System page at phys:0000000080023000 user:ffffff8040275000 kern:ffffff8040272000
    Starting next program at vffffff80600983c0
    All ClockCycles offsets within tolerance
    Welcome to QNX Neutrino 7.1.0 on the TI J721E EVM Board!!
    Starting random service ...
    start serial driver
    Setting OS clock from RTC
    Starting MMC/SD memory card driver... eMMC
    Starting MMC/SD memory card driver... SD
    Starting XHCI driver on USB3SS0 and USB3SS1
    Path=0 - am65x
     target=0 lun=0     Direct-Access(0) - SDMMC: S0J56X Rev: 1.0
    Setting environment variables...
    Mounting the sd ..
    Looking for user script to run: /ti_fs/scripts/
    Running user script... called...
    Setting additional environment variables...
    Starting tisci-mgr..
    /proc/boot/ /ti_fs/scripts/[10]: tisci-mgr: Bad file descriptor
    Unable to access /dev/tisci
    Starting shmemallocator..
    /proc/boot/ /ti_fs/scripts/[14]: shmemallocator: Bad file descriptor
    Starting tiipc-mgr..
    /proc/boot/ /ti_fs/scripts/[17]: tiipc-mgr: Bad file descriptor
    Starting tiudma-mgr..
    /proc/boot/ /ti_fs/scripts/[20]: tiudma-mgr: Bad file descriptor
    Start screen..
    /proc/boot/ /ti_fs/scripts/[23]: screen: Bad file descriptor
    screen started with dss_on_r5 configuration..

    on ETH part:

    Enabling clocks!
                CPSW Ethernet Firmware
    ETHFW: Shared multicasts (software fanout):
    ETHFW: Reserved multicasts:
    EnetMcm: CPSW_9G on MAIN NAVSS
    PHY 16 is alive
    PHY 17 is alive
    PHY 18 is alive
    PHY 19 is alive
    EnetPhy_bindDriver: PHY 16: OUI:0001c1 Model:27 Ver:00 <-> 'vsc8514' : OK
    EnetPhy_bindDriver: PHY 17: OUI:0001c1 Model:27 Ver:00 <-> 'vsc8514' : OK
    EnetPhy_bindDriver: PHY 18: OUI:0001c1 Model:27 Ver:00 <-> 'vsc8514' : OK
    EnetPhy_bindDriver: PHY 19: OUI:0001c1 Model:27 Ver:00 <-> 'vsc8514' : OK
    ETHFW Version   : 0.02.00
    ETHFW Build Date: Aug  1, 2022
    ETHFW Build Time: 21:11:13
    ETHFW Commit SHA:
    Starting lwIP, local interface IP is dhcp-enabled
    Host MAC address: 70:ff:76:1d:92:c2
    [LWIPIF_LWIP] Enet LLD netif initialized successfully
    Added interface 'ti1', IP is
    Skipping Ipc_loadResourceTable for QNX (core : mcu2_0) .....
    CpswProxyServer: Virtual port configuration:
      mpu_1_0 <-> Switch port 0: mpu_1_0_ethswitch-device-0
      mcu_2_1 <-> Switch port 1: mcu_2_1_ethswitch-device-1
    CpswProxyServer: initialization completed (core: mcu2_0)
    REMOTE_SERVICE: Init ... !!!
    [IPC] Function:CpswProxyServer_ioctlHandlerCb,HostId:4,Handle:a2a7b384,CoreKey:38acb976, Cmd:1010401,InArgsLen:0, OutArgsLen:4
    Virtio_kick: Ipc_mailboxSend failed
    Function:CpswProxyServer_ioctlHandlerCb,HostId:4,Handle:a2a7b384,CoreKey:38acb976, Cmd:1010201,InArgsLen:24, OutArgsLen:4
    REMOTE_SERVICE: Init ... Done !!!
    Function:CpswProxyServer_registerMacHandlerCb,HostId:4,Handle:a2a7b384,CoreKey:38acb976, MacAddress:70:ff:76:1d:92:c3, FlowIdx:178, FlowIdxOffset:6
    Cpsw_ioctlInternal: CPSW: Registered MAC address. ALE entry:5, Policer Entry:1
    Function:CpswProxyServer_registerRemoteTimerHandlerCb,HostId:4,Handle:a2a7b384,CoreKey:38acb976, Name:mcu_2_1_ethswitch-device-1, Timer:1, PushNum:2

    The ETH can not work as expected.

  • Hi,

    With the now downloaded suggest we close this thread, and open a new one for tracking the new issues above.

    Note that some of the above appears to already have been posted at (+) TDA4VM: SDK J721E board start up basic driver can not be started correctly - Processors forum - Processors - TI E2E support forums, so lets continue there.