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[FAQ] PROCESSOR-SDK-J721E: CDD_IPC_APP_RC_LINUX does not build on Processor SDK RTOS 8.2 for the core MCU 2_1


Example location :  $(PSDK_RTOS)/mcusw/mcal_drv/mcal/examples/CddIpcRProcLinux/*

While trying to build the CDD_IPC_APP_RP_LINUX example getting a compilation error.

  • Hello,

    Please find the attached patch for SDK 8.2 , this will enable MCU2_1 Main Domain R5F communication with A72 core.

    Config plugin files are Updated with A72 and will be released as part of 8.6 release , currently the generated config files have been back ported to  8.2 SDK

    and added in this patch.No plugins are added in this patch.

    This patch has been tested with bare metal Cdd Ipc Rproc Linux example application on MCU2_1 communicating with A72 core.

    Steps to apply the patch and see the files changed in Linux machine :

    • 1)  Download the patch into local directory.

    • 2)  Go into ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_02_00_05/mcusw path

    • 3)  git init

    • 4)  git add .

    • 5)  git commit -asm "Original SDK 8.2"

    • 6)  git apply (path to patch in local directory)/(patch_name).patch

    • 7)  git status 

    Steps to compile example application:

    make -s cdd_ipc_app_rc_linux CORE=mcu2_1 CDD_IPC_LINUX_BUILD=yes

    (A Flag CDD_IPC_LINUX_BUILD has been added to build communication with A72, by default the value is no )

    0001-Added-CDD-IPC-Communication-with-A72-for-mcu2_1 (2).patch

    Thanks & Regards

    Tarun Mukesh