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[FAQ] 66AK2H12: Booting Linux on K2H board using NFS

Part Number: 66AK2H12

How to boot and run (without flashing) on the K2H board?

  • For Booting into Linux from U-Boot using NFS from the Host PC, the following prerequisites need to be done.

    1. Build Linux by following this FAQ -


    Now, Kindly follow the steps.

    1. Connect through "Serial terminal" with the following serial settings
      1. Baud rate: 115200
      2. Data bit: 8
      3. Stop bit: 1
      4. Parity: None
      5. Flow control: None
    2. And, now On the U-boot terminal, give the following commands sequentially in the mentioned order (Also give commands either DHCP or static IP, do not give both commands)
      //Load default environment variables
      # env default -f -a
      //If device(EVM) IP address is set through dhcp 
      # setenv autoload no
      # dhcp
      //If device(EVM) IP address has to be set manually
      # setenv ipaddr
      # setenv gatewayip
      # setenv netmask
      //set tftp serer ip
      # setenv serverip
      # setenv bootcmd 'tftpboot 0x82000000 zImage-k2hk-evm;tftpboot 0x87000000 skern-k2hk.bin;mon_install 0x87000000;tftpboot 0x88000000 keystone-k2hk-evm.dtb;bootz 0x82000000 - 0x88000000'
      # setenv bootargs 'earlyprintk debug console=ttyS0,115200n8 ip= rootwait=1 root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=,v3,tcp rw'
      # saveenv							//make local variables into environment variables
      # ping ${serverip}
      # boot
    3. The following screenshot demonstrates the case,