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DRA821U: OSPI boot of J7200XSOMXEVM

Part Number: DRA821U
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: J7200XSOMXEVM, DRA821, J721EXCPXEVM


J7200XSOMXEVM cannot boot with OSPI.
Please let me know the SW settings, tiboot3.bin, tifs.bin, and OSPI PHY Pattern files that can boot OSPI.

usage environment

・J7200XSOMXEVM DRA821 system-on-module
 ・J721EXCPXEVM Common processor board for JacintoTm 7 processors


・Jacinto7 DRA821 Evaluation Module (EVM) User's Guide (Rev. A)
・Platform Development Kit (PDK) - J7200 User Guide
file <SDK Install Path>/ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j7200-evm-08_04_00_04/pdk_j7200_08_04_00_19/docs/userguide/j7200/boot/boot_k3.html#booting-via-ospi-flash https://www.ti. com/document-viewer/en-us/lit/html/SPRUIW7A/GUID-9B60F9B1-C9B6-4533-BDBD-46BC7550E0C9#GUID-243D5694-F65D-489B-855C-7EB7E2AF735A

what i did

Refer to " Booting Via OSPI flash" in the document "Jacinto7 DRA821 Evaluation Module (EVM) User's Guide (Rev. A)" to write SBL, TIFS, app, and OSPI PHY Pattern to OSPI Flash.
Write the following file to OSPI PHY PAT
<SDK Install Path>\ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j7200-evm-08_04_00_04\pdk_j7200_08_04_00_19\packages\ti\board\src\flash\nor\ospi\nor_spi_patterns.bin

write address

tiboot3.bin 0x0
tifs.bin 0x80000
app 0x100000

Refer to "3.4.3 Boot Modes" in the document "Platform Development Kit (PDK) - J7200 User Guide" and set Boot Mode to OSPI.

SW8           SW9
12347568  12347568
00000110   01000000

No logs are output from UART even when the power is turned on.
When Boot Mode is set to xSPI, SBL starts and logs are output.
(Even with xSPI, it stops at application loading and does not start completely)

xSPI boot log (SBL_LOG_MAX setting)

SBL Revision: (Oct 27 2022 - 14:29:55)
TIFS ver: 21.5.0--v2021.05 (Terrific Llam
SCISERVER Board Configuration header population... PASSED
Sciclient_setBoardConfigHeader... PASSED
Initlialzing PLLs ...done.
InitlialzingClocks ...done.
Initlialzing DDR ...done.
Initializing GTC ...done.
Begin parsing user application
Calling Sciclient_procBootRequestProcessor, ProcId 0x20...
Calling Sciclient_procBootRequestProcessor, ProcId 0x21...
Calling Sciclient_procBootRequestProcessor, ProcId 0x1...
Calling Sciclient_procBootRequestProcessor, ProcId 0x2...
Calling Sciclient_procBootRequestProcessor, ProcId 0x6...
Calling Sciclient_procBootRequestProcessor, ProcId 0x7...
OSPI RCLK running at 133333333 MHz.
Ospi Read speed for 0x4 bytes from offset 0x100000 = 16 bytes per sec
Searching for X509 certificate ...not found
Ospi Read speed for 0x10 bytes from offset 0x100000 = 64 bytes per sec
Invalid magic number in Single image header
SBL_ospiClose called
Sciclient_procBootReleaseProcessor, ProcId 0x20...
Sciclient_procBootReleaseProcessor, ProcId 0x21...
Sciclient_procBootReleaseProcessor, ProcId 0x1...
Sciclient_procBootReleaseProcessor, ProcId 0x2...
Sciclient_procBootReleaseProcessor, ProcId 0x6...
Sciclient_procBootReleaseProcessor, ProcId 0x7...