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TDA2P-ACD: [valeo BYD project] camera image is not properly received

Part Number: TDA2P-ACD
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  • hi, TI experts:

    I use TDA2PX soc,  the video pipeline is camera->933->962->soc.

    we have two kind of camera, both have ISP in image sensor and the output format is YUYV(8bit), the difference is one resoluton is 1280*960, and another is 1100*880.

    when we use 1280*960 camera, we can get proper image, and our config is below:

            PCapIssCalcfg->inFmt[StreamId].width        = VIDEO_IP_RAW_CAPTURE_WIDTH*2;
            PCapIssCalcfg->inFmt[StreamId].height = AR_CAMERA_ACTIVE_VIDEO_IP_RAW_CAPTURE_HEIGHT;
            PCapIssCalcfg->inFmt[StreamId].pitch[0]     = VIDEO_IP_RAW_CAPTURE_WIDTH*2;
            PCapIssCalcfg->inFmt[StreamId].dataFormat   = 0x0U;
            PCapIssCalcfg->csi2DataFormat[StreamId]     = VPS_ISS_CAL_CSI2_YUV422_8B;
            PCapIssCalcfg->inFmt[StreamId].bpp          = FVID2_BPP_BITS16;
            /* Input stream from which camera channel */              
            PCapIssCalcfg->csi2VirtualChanNo[StreamId] = StreamId;
            PCapIssCalcfg->streamType[StreamId] = VPS_ISS_CAL_TAG_PIX_DATA;
            PCapIssCalcfg->isBysOutCfgValid[StreamId]   = FALSE;

            PCapIssCalcfg->bysInEnable[StreamId] = FALSE; /* CSI2 and other */
            PCapIssCalcfg->isVportCfgValid[StreamId] = FALSE;
            PCapIssCalcfg->writeToMem[StreamId] = TRUE;
            PCapIssCalcfg->pixProcCfg[StreamId].extract = VPS_ISS_CAL_PIX_EXRCT_B16_LE;/*VPS_ISS_CAL_PIX_EXRCT_B16_LE*/
            PCapIssCalcfg->isPixProcCfgValid[StreamId]   = TRUE ;/*TRUE*/
            PCapIssCalcfg->pixProcCfg[StreamId].decCodec = VPS_ISS_CAL_DPCM_DEC_BYPASS;
            PCapIssCalcfg->pixProcCfg[StreamId].enableDpcmInitContext = FALSE;
            PCapIssCalcfg->pixProcCfg[StreamId].encCodec  = VPS_ISS_CAL_DPCM_ENC_BYPASS;
            PCapIssCalcfg->pixProcCfg[StreamId].pack      = VPS_ISS_CAL_PIX_PACK_B16;/*VPS_ISS_CAL_PIX_PACK_B16*/
            PCapIssCalcfg->pixProcCfg[StreamId].addr      = 0X0u;
            PCapIssCalcfg->pixProcCfg[StreamId].offSet    = 0X0u;
            PCapIssCalcfg->pixProcCfg[StreamId].contextToBeUsed = FALSE ;
        retVal = Fvid2_control(pCamObj->pInstObj->drvHandle, IOCTL_VPS_CAPT_SET_ISS_PARAMS,
                                   PCapIssCalcfg , NULL);
    when use 1100*880 camera, we only change the MACRO VIDEO_IP_RAW_CAPTURE_WIDTH, AR_CAMERA_ACTIVE_VIDEO_IP_RAW_CAPTURE_HEIGHT from 1280,960 to 1100,880
    but the image is not ok, you can see it, so what's the issue?
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