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[FAQ] AM625: Linux SDK v08.06: U-Boot: USB DFU boot is broken with "dfu_alt_info_ram env variable not defined!" Error

Part Number: AM625

Issue Symptoms

When trying to boot an AM62x device using the USB DFU boot mode using the U-Boot that is part of the TI Processor SDK Linux v08.06 ( the following error message is output after the initial boot stage (R5 U-Boot SPL) was loaded over USB DFU and started by the ROM code:

U-Boot SPL 2021.01-00001-gc5c0743865 (Mar 13 2023 - 15:17:35 -0500)
SYSFW ABI: 3.1 (firmware rev 0x0008 '8.6.4--v08.06.04 (Chill Capybar')
SPL initial stack usage: 13424 bytes
Trying to boot from DFU
"dfu_alt_info_ram" env variable not defined!

Issue Analysis

This issue is caused by an invalid commit (below) that was added to the ti-u-boot-2021.01 source tree as part of the v08.06 release, which removed the required ENV variable definitions for USB DFU boot from U-Boot SPL, leaving R5 U-Boot SPL unable to continue with the USB DFU boot process. Unfortunately this was not caught during automated regression testing of the production release. Note that TI Processor SDK Linux v08.05 is not affected by this issue.

configs: am62xx_evm: Drop EXTRA_ENV_DFUARGS for R5 SPL

Workarounds / Solutions

This issue will be addressed for the upcoming TI SDK v9.0 release coming up later in 2H2023. In the meantime in order to fix this issue please follow the instructions in the 2.5.1. USB Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Boot Fix section of the AM62 SDK v8.6 documentation.