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[FAQ] TDA4xx: How to load sysFw from ROM in SBL boot flow

This FAQ shows how to boot tifs.bin from ROM instead of SBL.

  • Hi,

    Please find the steps to create the combined image below:

    1) Disable the firmware loading from the SBL. Please see the patch below:

    Rebuild the SBL images.

    2) Generate the boot loader image with the x509 certificate telling ROM to load the sysFW.

    Run the following command:

    a) cd <Linux_SDK_Install_Path>/board-support/k3-image-gen-2022.01

    b) ./scripts/ -b <Path_to_SBL_Images>/sbl_mmcsd_img_mcu1_0_release.bin -l 0x41c00100 -s /home/parth/SDKs/j721s2/Linux/ti-processor-sdk-linux-j721s2-evm-08_06_00_10/board-support/prebuilt-images/ti-fs-firmware-j721s2-gp.bin -m 0x40000 -c "" -d out/soc/j721s2/evm/combined-tifs-cfg.bin -n 0x67000 -t out/soc/j721s2/evm/combined-dm-cfg.bin -y 0x41c80000 -k ti-degenerate-key.pem -r 1 -o tiboot3-j721s2-gp-evm.bin

    c) You might need to build the u-boot before running the above command.

    d) Use the generated binary as SBL.

    I have tried this with MMCSD boot mode. But other modes should also work fine with this.