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[FAQ] TDA4VM: How to port MCAL Ethernet Virtual Mac Application supported on MCU2_1 to MCU1_0?

Part Number: TDA4VM

How to port MCAL Ethernet Virtual Mac Application supported on MCU2_1 to MCU1_0?

  • Default, MCAL Ethernet Virtual MAC Application supported on MCU2_1 core is a bare-metal application as TI not having the AUTOSAR OS and relevant environment, and the modules like SciServer (Resources and Power management App) runs on MCU1_0 and Ethernet Firmware runs on MCU2_0 as RTOS applications.

    To port the Ethernet Virtual MAC Application from MCU2_1 to MCU1_0, you need to run the application as an RTOS-based instead of bare-metal and integrate SciServer into it. Additionally, you will need to update the resource information related to the MCU1_0 core for Eth configuration and Ethernet Firmware for mapping of MCAL Virtual MAC interface from MCU2_1 to the MCU1_0.


     For information related to resources and want to make any changes to the resource partitioning please refer to FAQ [workflow-and-resource-allocation] 

    Patch: (was created on top of RTOS SDK 8.6)


    Apply patch using below steps:

    1. Download RTOS SDK 8.6.
    2. Create local git on RTOS SDK using "# git init"
    3. Add all files to the git using "# git add ./"
    4. Commit all files as a initial commit using "# git commit -m "Initial_commit"
    5. Download the patch file from FAQ and copy to SDK folder.
    6. Apply patch using "# git apply <patch file>"

    Steps to follow for running the application via CSS:

    1. Default the ".jel" file in PDK maps the SciServer Application to MCU1_0, now SciServer is part of MCAL Ethernet Virtual MAC application So, we need to map this binary as a default in the ".jel" file.
    2. Run CCS-based environment by referring the steps described in the SDK User Guide.
    3. After running the MCU1_0 core, Load the Ethernet Firmware CCS binary in Main R5F0_0 (MCU2_0)

    Steps to follow for running the application via Linux (A72):

    1. You need to make the Ethernet Virtual MAC application part of SPL binary as it has Sciserver integrated into it and run on MCU1_0 core where DM binary is mapped, for this, update the UBOOT_DM with the above binary path in the make file of Linux SDK and rebuild u-boot.
    2. After building the u-boot, copy the "tiboot3.bin" file from r5 folder and "u-boot.img, tispl.bin" from a72 folder under u-boot_build to the boot partition of SD card in case of SD boot mode.

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