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SK-AM64: Baremetal configuration of CSPW

Part Number: SK-AM64


void InitializeEthernet()
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG126 = BIT18|BIT16|0x4;//18MDIO
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG127 = BIT16|0x4;//19MDC
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG158 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x0;//EXTI

    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG71 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG74 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG84 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG85 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG51 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG54 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG73 = BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG75 = BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG76 = BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG83 = BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG55 = BIT16|0x4;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG56 = BIT16|0x4;

    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG66 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG67 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG68 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG69 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG70 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG72 = BIT21|BIT18|BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG77 = BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG78 = BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG79 = BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG80 = BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG81 = BIT16|0x2;
    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG82 = BIT16|0x2;

    _mainpadconfig->PADCONFIG98 = BIT16|0x7;
    _mcupadconfig->PADCONFIG5   = BIT16|0x7;


    for(uint32 i=0;i< (2 *100);i++);
    _cpsw->mdio.CONTROL &= (~0xFF | 99);
    _cpsw->mdio.CONTROL &= ~BIT31;
    _cpsw->mdio.CONTROL |= BIT24;
    _cpsw->mdio.CONTROL |= BIT30;

    uint16 phyregisters0[0x1DF];
    uint16 phyregisters1[0x1DF];
    uint32 status=0;

    for(uint32 i=0;i<0x1DF;i++)status = MDIO_phyExtRegRead((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 0, i, &phyregisters0[i]);
    phyregisters0[0x0000] |= BIT09;     status = MDIO_phyExtRegWrite((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 0, 0x0000, phyregisters0[0x0000]);
    phyregisters0[0x0018] = 0x2232;     status = MDIO_phyExtRegWrite((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 0, 0x0018, phyregisters0[0x0018]);
    phyregisters0[0x0032] |= BIT07;     status = MDIO_phyExtRegWrite((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 0, 0x0032, phyregisters0[0x0032]);
    phyregisters0[0x00E9] = 0xDF22;     status = MDIO_phyExtRegWrite((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 0, 0x00E9, phyregisters0[0x00E9]);
    phyregisters0[0x001F] = BIT14;      status = MDIO_phyExtRegWrite((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 0, 0x001F, phyregisters0[0x001F]);
    for(uint32 i=0;i< (200 *100);i++);

    for(uint32 i=0;i<0x1DF;i++)status = MDIO_phyExtRegRead((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 1, i, &phyregisters1[i]);
    phyregisters1[0x0000] |= BIT09;     status = MDIO_phyExtRegWrite((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 1, 0x0000, phyregisters1[0x0000]);
    phyregisters1[0x0018] = 0x2232;     status = MDIO_phyExtRegWrite((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 1, 0x0018, phyregisters1[0x0018]);
    phyregisters1[0x0032] |= BIT07;     status = MDIO_phyExtRegWrite((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 1, 0x0032, phyregisters1[0x0032]);
    phyregisters1[0x001F] = BIT14;      status = MDIO_phyExtRegWrite((uint32)&_cpsw->mdio, NULL, 1, 0x001F, phyregisters1[0x001F]);
    for(uint32 i=0;i< (200 *100);i++);

    volatile uint32 *CTRLMMR_ENET1_CTRL = ((volatile uint32*)(0x43004044));
    volatile uint32 *CTRLMMR_ENET2_CTRL = ((volatile uint32*)(0x43004048));

    _cpsw->control.CONTROL = BIT15|BIT14|BIT02;

    _cpsw->control.PTYPEREG = 0x2;

    _cpsw->control.VLANLTPYE = 0x88A88100;

    _cpsw->control.FREQUENCY = 250;

    _cpsw->control.P0RXMAXLEN = 1518;

    _cpsw->control.STATPORTEN =  BIT02|BIT01|BIT00;

    _cpsw->ale.CONTROL |=  BIT31;
    _cpsw->ale.CONTROL |=  BIT30;
    _cpsw->ale.CONTROL |=  BIT04;

    _cpsw->control.P0CONTROL|= BIT01|BIT00;
    _cpsw->control.P1CONTROL|= BIT01;
    _cpsw->control.P1SAL = 0xABCD;
    _cpsw->control.P1SAH = 0xCDEF0000;
    _cpsw->control.P1MACCONTROL = BIT24|BIT23|BIT22|BIT07;


I wrote the above code to configure CPSW. The PAD config and MDIO are working good. I have tested them using PRUICSSG and the PRU is recieving and transmitting data OK.

Now I am trying to do this using CPSW instead of PRUs

I am not sure about the CPSW part if it is configure correctly or not. Are these many regesters enough to configure CPSW to recieve data or am I missing any, or is the order incorrect? Because the statistics register on all ports are dead and 0, showing no activity even thgought the ethernet jack recieve LED is blinking.


  • Hi ,

    Thanks for your query.

    I need to work with dev team to check on this.

    Please allow me some to time to get back to you.

    Best Regards


  • Hi,

    I played around a lot and found the problem. It is was actually problem with CPSW_PN_MAC_CONTROL_REG_k which in my code is on line number 89 i.e. _cpsw->control.P1MACCONTROL. Apparently I forced the MAC into gigabit mode and the statistics numbers came alive and started incrementing. Following is the new register config

    _cpsw->control.P1MACCONTROL = BIT24|BIT23|BIT22|BIT17|BIT07|BIT05|BIT00;

    Hope it helps someone in the future