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AM5718-HIREL: Selection of processor / OS and longevity for development project

Part Number: AM5718-HIREL


I asked a more generic question of TI support (see below) but didn't quite get the answers I was hoping for. However, one of the options suggested in the listing of processors considered military grade was AM5718-HIREL.

I was therefore wondering if asking the questions directly of this processor was a better way to get an appropriate response.

  1. Roadmap for longevity of the AM5718-HIREL. (Low obsolescence is important) 
  2. Recommended pairing of OS and RTOS  (from the data sheet TI-RTOS and UBUNTU/Debian appear appropriate, but other pairings may have more advantages)
  3. Whether the secondary cores offer at least the same levels of MCU capability as we've used on other designs, e.g. similar to TMS320F2837xd 

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Original posting

I am trying to find a decision tree or similar to aid selection of the best processor to use in a new project. There appear to be a vast number of processors, and selecting the most appropriate against a set of criteria is proving tricky

It is for a "technology proving" project. It will be used in a military environment. It must have a forward roadmap, it needs multiple core, one able to support a linux style OS for some front end apps, and a backend either barebone or RTOS (possibly TI-RTOS?) to allow fast digtal IO, CAN, serial comms, sensor measurement, etc. There is no requirement for complex signal processing ATM. Ethernet stack would be a bonus.

We need the functionality that you would get with an MCU in terms of SPI/CAN/Interrupts and so on the sort of level you get on TMS320F2837xd type processors, but we are not doing FFT or image processing. The ARM core would sound a good option with a supporting DSP/MCU functionality. If there are a range of products you recommend (along with associated supported  OS / RTOS) then we can compare those that meet our basic criteria.

If any of the processors you recommend have associated development boards, they would also be of interest. If any of them have associated board designs that can be licensed for production this could help time to market.