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Update for RTOS options for MSP430

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I am looking to find to what extent is SYS Bios supported on MSP430.

According to the Wiki, there is no MSP430 RTOS from TI.



However, on a previous post there appeared to be support for the CC430, the MSP430F55x families.

Question is:
Is there a TI-Offered RTOS for the MSP430?
To what extent is it offered (which products and evaluation kits)?
And what degree of specialisation is the RTOS enabled? (allowing the use of as little of the RTOS from just using it as a scheduler, to running the entire software system).

your help will be very appreciated!

  • SYSBIOS 6.x supports the MSP430.

    There is configurable aspects to pull in services or remove services as needed.

  • Thank you Brandon! That's helpful.

    How would be best to request the Wiki-Page to be updated?

    Also do you know of any examples or demos out there showcasing the use of SYSBios on an MSP430?

  • Also, see this wiki article that covers MSP430-specific features/aspects of SYS/BIOS support.


  • I must be a pain, but I don't see the MSP430 in the list of devices on SYSBIos.

    The WikiLink from Mark is exactly what I am looking for, but I don't have any confirmation which devices can support SYSBios!

    I see C2000, Stellaris, various Davinci, Sitara and C5000/6000 but none of the listed devices have MSP430 or even CC430.
    Issue is that I need to be able to point to the location and say, "Yes, it's supported, look here!"

    Is this just something maybe hasn't been updated yet?

  • Taken from the supported devices page in the release notes for the product (once you download and install it).


    C64x+ OMAP2431 OMAP2530 OMAP2531 OMAP3425 OMAP3525 OMAP3530 TMS320C2430 TMS320C3430 TMS320C6421 TMS320C6424 TMS320C6452 TMS320C6454 TMS320C6455 TMS320C6457 TMS320C6472 TMS320C6474 TMS320CDM415 TMS320CDM420 TMS320CDM421 TMS320CDM425 TMS320CDM426 TMS320CDM6431 TMS320CDM6433 TMS320CDM6435 TMS320CDM6437 TMS320CDM6441 TMS320CDM6443 TMS320CDM6446 TMS320CDM6467 TMS320CDM647 TMS320CDM648 TMS320CDRA402 TMS320CDRA404 TMS320CDRA414 TMS320CDRA416 TMS320CDRA442 TMS320CDRA444 TMS320CDRA446 TMS320CTCI6482 TMS320CTCI6484 TMS320CTCI6486 TMS320CTCI6487 TMS320CTCI6488 TMS320TCI6485 TMS320TCI6489
    C674x Arctic OMAPL108 OMAPL118 OMAPL137 OMAPL138 TMS320C6742 TMS320C6743 TMS320C6745 TMS320C6746 TMS320C6747 TMS320C6748 TMS320C6A8168 TMS320CDM740 TMS320DA802 TMS320DA803 TMS320DA804 TMS320DA805 TMS320DA807 TMS320DA808 TMS320DA810 TMS320DA828 TMS320DA830 TMS320DA840 TMS320DA850 TMS320DM8148 TMS320DM8168 TMS320TI816X
    C64T OMAP4430
    C66 TMS320C6670 TMS320C6672 TMS320C6674 TMS320C6678 TMS320TCI6616
    C28 large model TMS320C2801 TMS320C28020 TMS320C28021 TMS320C28022 TMS320C28023 TMS320C28026 TMS320C28027 TMS320C28032 TMS320C28033 TMS320C28034 TMS320C28035 TMS320C2806 TMS320C2808 TMS320C2810 TMS320C2811 TMS320C2812 TMS320C28232 TMS320C28234 TMS320C28235
    C28 floating point model TMS320C28332 TMS320C28334 TMS320C28335 TMS320C28341 TMS320C28342 TMS320C28343 TMS320C28344 TMS320C28345 TMS320C28346
    Arm 9 AM1705 AM1707 AM1806 AM1808 OMAPL108 OMAPL118 OMAPL137 OMAPL138 TMS320CDM510 TMS320CDM6446 TMS320CDM6467 TMS320DA805 TMS320DA807 TMS320DA808 TMS320DA810 TMS320DA828 TMS320DA830 TMS320DA840 TMS320DA850 TMS320DM355 TMS320DM365
    Cortex-M3 CortexM3 LM3S9B90 LM3S9B92 LM3S9B95 LM3S9B96 TMS320CDM730 TMS320CDM740 LM3S2793 LM3S2B93 LM3S5791 LM3S5B91 LM3S8962 LM3S9790 LM3S9792 OMAP4430 TMS320DM8168 TMS320C6A8168 TMS320DM8148 TMS320TI816X
    Cortex-A8 OMAP3403 OMAP3405 OMAP3503 OMAP3505 OMAP3515 OMAP3517 OMAP3425 OMAP3525 OMAP3530 TI81XX TMS320DM8168 TMS320C6A8168 TMS320DM8148 TMS320C3430 TMS320TI816X
    Win32 VC98 Win32
    MSP430 MSP430F5418a MSP430F5419a MSP430F5435 MSP430F5435a MSP430F5436 MSP430F5436a MSP430F5437 MSP430F5437a MSP430F5438 MSP430F5438a
    MSP430X large code, restricted data MSP430F5418a MSP430F5419a MSP430F5435 MSP430F5435a MSP430F5436 MSP430F5436a MSP430F5437 MSP430F5437a MSP430F5438 MSP430F5438a
    MSP430X small code, small data MSP430F5418a MSP430F5419a MSP430F5435 MSP430F5435a MSP430F5436 MSP430F5436a MSP430F5437 MSP430F5437a MSP430F5438 MSP430F5438a
  • Larissa,

    My apologies for the confusion. This is a case where the marketing info is running behind the engineering releases. There will be an update on the product folders coming later this month. In the meantime, here is some more info.

    The following is a list of supported devices from a recent product release:

    A more useful overview page for SYS/BIOS has recently been added to the TI wiki:

    Finally, I just updated the wiki page that you originally cited to add SYS/BIOS to the list of RTOS choices for MSP430.


  • Okay :-)

    That makes a lot of sense.

    It looks like there is only the newer architecture of MSP430 is supported.
    are there any bare minimums that the processor has to have to be able to run an RTOS?

    In particular why would the MSP430G series not have SYSBios as an option (memory size, clock rates, etc.)

    Or is it just that SYSBios can run on ALL of the products, but we just haven't gotten around to retroactively adding them to it's offering?

  • Larissa,

    Yes, it's primarily driven by memory requirements. SYS/BIOS can be scaled down or up, but a pragmatic limit on RAM is 512 bytes which eliminates most of the ValueLine devices. Realistically, most users will get the most benefit of an RTOS (any RTOS, not just SYS/BIOS) on the 5xx/6xx class devices. As an example, you can have full Task, Swi, and Hwi (the 3 types of threads in SYS/BIOS) in 8KB Flash and 1KB RAM (including stack space).


  • Hi Mark,

    Is it safe to assume that SYS/BIOS can be ported to a microcontroller like the MSP430F2618 with 116KB in Flash and 8KB in RAM, or are there any other technical limitations that you are aware of?

    Thank you,


  • Andres,

    We will look into it and get back to you in a couple days. This should be enough FLASH and RAM; the only other thing to support is timer.


  • Thanks Mark,

    It would be really helpful to know if porting SYS/BIOS to the MSP430F2618 would require minimal effort or if it should be considered as a more difficult task. 



  • Hi Mark,

    I was wondering if there is any update about this question.



  • Andres,

    There is an active thread on this topic on the external forum:

    Currently, we do not plan to add support for these lower-end devices, but it appears to be technically possible. Perhaps somebody will write up a wiki article on this if some good progress is made :)