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PROCESSOR-SDK-AM57X: PM driver support for AM5716 with TPS65916/7 PMIC

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Same question as I linked.  I am trying to get the PM driver working using a TPS65916 PMIC and an AM5716 (running on the C66 core).  The driver appears to not support this combination - even though it is clearly a good match hardware wise - if not the current TI recommend hardware design!?

Unfortunately the #include statements in the driver seem to conflate the use of am571x as excluding that PMIC.
Note, I would like to use the TPS65917 as it looks functionally equivalent to TPS65916.

For example, in 'PowerPRCM_deviceInit.c'

#if defined (SOC_TDA2EX) || defined (SOC_DRA72x)
#include ti/drv/pm/include/pmic/pmhal_tps65917.h
#elif defined (SOC_AM571x) || defined (SOC_AM572x) || defined (SOC_AM574x)
#include ti/drv/pm/include/pmic/pmhal_tps659037.h
#include ti/drv/pm/include/pmic/pmhal_tps659039.h

I have tried to use the 'pmhal_tps65917.h' header in my application (leveraging the 'pm\examples\pmrtos\src\pm_main_prcm.c' example), but it fails to link with 'PMHALTps65917GetPMICOps()' ...unresolved symbols remain.  I don't think this alone would work anyway, but I tried.

I am using sdk_rtos_am57xx_06_03_02_08 (willing to use any other version if it helps - the latest posted online didn't have an installer in the download so I'm not sure what is currently up with that...)

Could you please tell me the best way to configure or modify the PM driver to use this combination?  The editing/build I did try to the PM driver didn't work right away, and I'm not exactly expert enough to take on your job at TI Slight smile



  • Hello Jason,

    As mentioned in the post you related to your question, the only PMIC supported by the latest SDK for AM57x is TPS659037.

    This is made clear by examining the file under the following directory:


    Any other PMICs have not been used on the TI am571x, am572x, and am574x boards nor are they validated. 

    Our software support for AM57 is limited to this and anything beyond is at the purview of the customer.

    At this point there is no plans for further development on AM57.



  • Thank you!  I was wondering why I was getting the linking error, and did not realize the file was what I needed to change.

    In PowerPRCM_deviceInit.c, I changed line 52 to "#include <ti/drv/pm/include/pmic/pmhal_tps65917.h>", and also changed line 439 to load the "pmicOps = PMHALTps65917GetPMICOps();"  changing the file let it compile and load 'SRCS_COMMON += pmhal_tps65917.c' for my processor.

    I'll go through the driver step by step to see how it works out.  Is there anything obvious I should be aware of as I attempt to modify the PM driver to support the am57xx and TPS65916/7 combination?

  • Jason, 

    I think your plan is solid. I do not have any specific advice.

    Please see other documentation that could be of aid in your endeavor: