[FAQ] AM62A7 / AM62A7-Q1 / AM62A3 / AM62A3-Q1 - Custom board hardware design - Design and Review notes for Reuse of SK-AM62A-LP Schematics

Part Number: AM62A7
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Hi TI Experts,

I am starting a new board design and planning to use TI Starter Kit (SK) design files for designing my custom board.


Please let me know if you have any recommendations or guidelines to be followed.

  • Hi Board designers, 

    Good to hear on your plan to reuse the SK-AM62A-LP schematics to design the custom board.

    Refer below recommendations or guidelines for custom board schematic design improvement.

    1. Schematics Reuse guidelines:

     Refer below FAQ


    2. Notes (D-Note, R-Note and Cad Note) for Board designers

    The Schematic has a number of D-Note(s), R-Note(s) and Cad Note(s) added. Ensure you read through these notes before start of the board design during initial architecture stage, during the design and before board fabrication and build.

    D-Note (Design note) - The design notes provide guidelines for design improvements and optimization. Review the design notes carefully and make the required updates.

    R-Note (Review Note) - The review notes provide guidelines to review the design to ensure the required components are populated and the design follow the data sheet recommendations. Use this along with the hardware design guide and schematic design check list.

    Cad Note: Guidelines for layout 

    3. Schematics Updates 

    There are few component values and mounting option changes that have been made in the schematics. We are working on the list of changes and will add to this FAQ.

    Note: We have the Value changes, D-Note, R-Note and Cad note marked and the edits are in progress.

    Refer below schematics:




  • Hi Board designers, 

    Please be sure to check the FAQ on a regular basis for updates.

    Thank you.