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[FAQ] TDA4VL-Q1: Change GTC Clock frequency to 200MHz for SBL boot flow

Part Number: TDA4VL-Q1

For SDK 9.0 to latest, we see that the GTC frequency in the SBL boot flow is 250MHz, whereas in the SPL boot flow it is 200MHz. How to set the GTC to 200MHz in SBL?

  • Upon looking for the reason for the same, in the SPL boot flow, the source for the GTC was changed from the R5 SPL. But for the SBL boot flow, this was not taken care of.

    Hence, you would have to change the clock source in the SBL manually and configure the same to 200 MHz.

    The below patch is built on SDK 9.1 to set the clock frequency of GTC in SBL.


    After applying this patch in the PDK folder, build the pdk_libs, sbl image and boot app image as shown below

    cd ${PDK_PATH}/packages/ti/build
    make pdk_libs BOARD=j721s2_evm
    make sbl_mmcsd_img BOARD=j721s2_evm
    make boot_app_mmcsd_linux BOARD=j721s2_evm

    Copy the below 3 binaries to the SD Card and you should see GTC frequency as 200Mhz now.

    sudo cp ../boot/sbl/binary/j721s2_evm/mmcsd/bin/sbl_mmcsd_img_mcu1_0_release.tiimage /media/nikhil/BOOT/tiboot3.bin 
    sudo cp ../drv/sciclient/soc/V4/tifs.bin /media/nikhil/BOOT/tifs.bin 
    sudo cp ../boot/sbl/example/boot_app/binary/j721s2_evm/mmcsd/sbl_boot_app_mmcsd_linux_j721s2_evm_mcu1_0_freertos_TestApp_release.appimage /media/nikhil/BOOT/app

    After this change, boot the EVM and read the GTC clock using the k3conf tool and you should see the GTC set to 200MHz and the clock source changed to MAIN_0_HSDIVOUT6

    k3conf dump clock 61