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AM67: SOC PMIC IC question

Part Number: AM67
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: J722SXH01EVM, TPS65224-Q1, TPS62873-Q1


Hi Sirs

I am surveying AM67 design and I found the PMIC in J722SXH01EVM reference schematic is TPS6522311.

However, I can't find this part in TI website, the similar part is TPS65224-Q1

So could you check if I am going to design AM67, which PMIC should I use?

If it should be TPS6522311, could you let me know where can I download the datasheet?

If I can use TPS65224-Q1, can I follow the reference schematic design but replace TPS6522311 to TPS65224-Q1? Anything should I beware?

Thank you

  • All AM67x automotive products should use TPS6522312-Q1 (RTM PN) per J722SXH01EVM — TDA4VEN, TDA4AEN and AM67 evaluation module as described in “J722S/AM67x/TDA4VEN/TDA4AEN Processor Automotive Power Designs using TPS6522312-Q1 PMIC”. 

    Please Note: Early J722S EVM SCH & PCB designs used a preliminary PMIC TPS6522311-Q1 PN for J722S wake-up testing.  All production J722S EVM boards will transition to the new TPS6522312-Q1 PN.  This will enable a common PMIC PN to support different J722S PDN schemes across end products by the use of board-level resistors to set PMIC resource selection options. Any prototype SCH & PCB designs using the preliminary TPS6522311-Q1 PN will need to be updated similar to J722S EVM since all J722S product designs will be supported by the production released TPS6522312-Q1 PN.

    There will also be a "TPS6522312 PMIC User's Guide" that will give specific settings for the OTP "12" version but that is work-in-progress. Please check TI AM67x website under Tech Docs where it will be uploaded. 

    Likewise, the Preliminary PMIC data manual TPS65224-Q1 is the only available today but a complete DM for all 4 PMICs (224, 223, 222 & 221) in this family will be added to TI website soon.  Until then, you can contact Niko Alatalo ( who is the TPS6522x-Q1 TI FAE for any detailed questions.

  • Thank you, however, after investigating the "J722S/AM67x/TDA4VEN/TDA4AEN Processor Automotive
    Power Designs using TPS6522312-Q1 PMIC", I have few questions , not sure could you reply here or maybe it need another new topic?

    1. For enabling flexible 1.4GHz (0.85V) or 1.25GHz (0.75V), the key is to independently feed to VDD_CORE and VDD_CORE_xxx by TPS6287X-Q1 , and VDDR_CORE, VDD_MMC0, VDDA_0P85_xxx can be feed by 0.85V (maybe from Buck 3),right?
    so the example plot shown in this document (PDN-5L, PDN-5M, PDN-5N, PDN-5N.DES) all mark output of TPS62873-Q1 as 0.75V, can it be operated to 0.85V?
    If yes, control the output voltage of TPS62873-Q1 by using I2C although 0 ohm on the VSEL, we can get 1.4GHz operating, right?
    Besides, if yes, can it call run-time adjustable?

    2. PMIC Resource Selection (RS[3:0]) signals
    I saw the case RS0 when RS1 = 1, the result in 0 = Fixed V, 1 = 0.75V or 0.85V
    Where is fixed V generated? and what is the value?

    3. How is the current consumption of VDD_CORE (0.85V)?
    It uses a HCPS DC-DC (TPS6287xB2-Q1), how is current consumption?
    Table 2 shows the current, is that the 0.85V current consumption in different use case?

    Thank you