AM69: Enabling the MCU_CLKOUT0 output

Part Number: AM69



to enable the MCU_CLKOUT0 clock output we had set to 1 the bit 4 of CTRL_MMR_CFG0_MCU_CLKOUT0_CTRL register (0x40F08010) in U-Boot.

Is this the correct way to enable the clock output?

Is there another way to enable it?

  • Would a driver in both U-Boot and Linux be more appropriate or not? I am thinking at drivers/clk/keystone/syscon-clk.c for example. In this specific case this clock is needed already in U-Boot.

  • Hi, 

    This could come under that. If this is a one time setting in U-Boot then i would rather set it during the init time and make sure that this is indeed set in the register. It doesn't warrant a driver.