AM62A3: CC33XX WiFi - MMC SDIO Driver and Device tree.

Part Number: AM62A3
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I am using CC3300 Wi-Fi module to connect to my AM62A3 processor.
I have followed the official documentation of TI for CC33XX(v1.0.0.4)  to compile the driver in SDK 9.1
I applied cc33xx_am62a7-sk_dts.patch, cc33xx_kernel.patch, and cc33xx_ti_arm64_config.patch(CONFIGS APPLIED THROUGH $ BITBAKE -C MENUCONFIG)
I built tisdk-edgeai-image after the modification through YOCTO.

The Problem

Now, I am not getting any probe messages or logs regarding Wi-Fi connection.

In fact, the module is not loaded automatically though the node and compatible is present in the device tree.
I confirmed the device tree by


By introducing more logs, I came to know that only driver is registered if done manually ($ modprobe cc33xx_sdio). None of the SDIO functions were called.

Question #1:

Driver should be automatically called based on device tree right?

Question #2:

Even After manual loading probe function of SDIO should be called right?

I hope you can access TI's files. Because I can't be able to upload those patches.