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Where is the documention for the 6701 EVM board McBSP pinouts?

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SPRU305  Appendix B has the schmatics, but sheets 31 and 36 are not in it.

I am looking for the McBSP signals (which are on J7, I believe) so that I can connect my serial (ADC & DAC) chips to it. The chips worked on the F2812.

  • Steven,

    Have you tried the board vendor's website? If not posted, you might contact them to see if they have an archived copy. Or did we actually build it?


  • TI built it - part number TMDSEVM6701-4  06/29/04  rev L

  • Steven,

    Finding someone with those two pages will be tough to do.

    Since the schematic page 30 on page 244 just shows signal names going to the Expansion Memory Interface connectors, you can infer a pretty good set of answers to avoid stalling your progress. The same connectors will be used on the Expansion Peripheral Interface. The McBSP signals are shown on the schematic page 16 on page 230 going through buffers to signals that are named, for example XFSR0, and XFSR0 is shown in Table A-8 on page 211 being connected to pin 29.

    This is not an excuse for not having the schematic in that document, but it may be enough to help you.



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  • SPRU235A "TMS320C6201 Test and Evaluation Board Technical Reference" has the same McBSP, but the J12 connector (p5/21) is only 40 pins.

    I did find in CCStudio_v3.1\docs\pdf\6711dsk_schematics.pdf on p13/22 a J3 connector that seems to be almost the same as the 80-pin connector J7 (section A.8, pA-7) on the 6701EVM. I'll have to use a logic analyzer/scope to very the pins before connecting to them.

    This is the best answer that I could find.