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MAC/Physical Address on Beaglebone


How does beaglebone get MAC/physical address?

Is it stored in the EEPROM which is read over I2C?

Is this EEPROM a MAC-EEPROM or just a normal one, and the MAC address is stored inside the EEPROM write-able memory?

How can this MAC ID be changed?

Any inputs will be of help.


  • The MAC address comes from the Control Module. If you look in the TRM, at offset 0x630 and 0x634 you'll find the MAC address for Ethernet port 0. Not being a hardware guy I'm not sure how they get there.

    Steve K.

  • The values read from Control Module (Base address 0x44E1_0000)  MAC_ID0_LO register (Offset 0x630), MAC_ID0_HI register (Offset 0x634), MAC_ID1_LO register (Offset 0x638), and MAC_ID1_HI register (Offset 0x63C) represent  unique MAC addresses assigned to each AM335x device.  The values in these registers are programmed into each AM335x device by TI and can not be changed.

    Software can be configured to read and use the MAC addresses programmed into the AM335x device or non-volatile memory devices attached to AM335x.  For example, An external non-volatile memory device containing unique MAC addresses would need to be attached to AM335x if company XYZ is building a product with Ethernet connectivity and they require their own MAC addresses.