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TMS320C54CST bsdl file

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My company used TMS320C54CST DSP in their products, and now plans to introduce a boundary-scan technology. I tried to find bsdl file for this chip, but could not.

Comparing the models, I came to the conclusion that TMS320VC5404 is the most similar to the TMS320C54CST. But BSDL-file for TMS320VC5404 I also could not find.
As a result, the most appropriate chip for which there is BSDL-file is TMS320VC5402A.  The differences lie in the fact that in TMS320C54CST there are only two McBSP ports  instead of three in TMS320VC5402A. Instead of the third McBSP port, in TMS320C54CST there are UART, Integrated DAA, and an additional BFSRKS2 pin for second McBSP port synchronization.
I tried to correct BSDL-file, but this requires knowing the structure of the boundary scan cells ...

Does anybody has a BSDL-file for TMS320C54CST, or knows the structure of the boundary scan cell of this chip? Or maybe anybody has a BSDL-file for TMS320VC5404 DSP?

  • BSDL is based on the I/O cells used but not the functionality. We currently do not have any access to the design since this device is already in the "Not Recommended for New Design" status.

    Sorry for the inconvenient.



  • Thanks for reply, Steve.

    I understand, that BSDL is based on the I/O cells used but not the functionality. I just assumed that if two chips is almost the same functionality and pin location,then BSDL-files will not be much different.

    If it's not possible to get TMS320C54CST BSDL-file, maybe it is possible to get TMS320VC5404 one?