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FastRTS with CCS5 and ELF

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I am using an c64x (TMS320DM6437) and would like to use the FastRTS library mentioned here:

Now I am not sure if this library is still useful in Code Composer Studio 5.5 and SysBios because FastRTS looks like an old tool. Is there some similar functionality already build in in my dev tools? Or how should I install and use the existing FastRTS library within an ELF project.

Thanks for your support.

  • Hi,
    I think you can use that.
    Please ask us if any issues.
  • Ok. But my question how to use the library with an ELF project in CCS5 has not been answered.

    I tried to use the customized library provided in this post:

    But then I am not sure which headers to use and which function to call. I tried to use the function adddp. But the linker always says that he cannot find this symbol. I used the headers of the folder mthlib and C_fastRTS found in the fastRTS_c62xc64x_1_42 provided here: In the second the linker does report more missing symbols like _eqlf, _geqf, _gtrf and _lssf.
  • I found a solution.
    I recognized that there are two separate versions of the FastRTS library: One written in Assembly and one written in C. The C implementation can be found in the C_fastRTS folder and is a pure header implementation. So I can simply include the fastrts_i.h header. But in order to be able to build the project I had to define INLINE_C. This is useful in most cases anyway and does fix the missing symbol errors (_eqlf, _geqf, _gtrf and _lssf) in my case.
  • Hi,

    Just to add one more suggestion from my end,

    To use the FastRTS functions in place of the same ones in the RTS libs, the FastRTS library must be linked in before the RTS lib. In the build console you can observe the order in which files are passed to the linker and from the linker command file, then adding this library under the Linker options->File search path, --library option and make sure the fast RTS lib is higher in the list than libc.a

    The release also includes C implementation for a subset of functions available with the FastRTS library and you could refer C64x FastRTS library programmer's reference guide as below:

    Thanks & regards,

    Sivaraj K


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