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How do I connect an ads8327 to a C6748 ?

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Another question :

Is it possible (I am sure it is...) to connect an ads8327 ADC to one of  the C6748's SPI Port ?

I my application I will need the ADC to work in AUTO TRIGGER mode.

As far as Pin connexion is concerned, here is what I've understood :

(ADC) SDO  connect to :  (DSP) MISO

(ADC) SDI   connects to : (DSP) MOSI

(ADC) SCLK connects to : (DSP) SCLK

(ADC) CS/FS connects to : (DSP) /SCS[n]

I'm not sure I'm right for these signals above but I defenitele do not know what to do with these three other signals :




  • Take a look at the ADS8327 Product Page, especially the app notes for it. There is one showing how to connect to the C6713 DSP, and you should be able to figure out how to connect to a different DSP once you understand that document, SLAA342.

  • Thank's  for your answer Randy,

    I already had a look of what is available as far as app notes and EVM are concerned, but in each example the connection is made through McBsp

    and unfortunately the McBsp on the C674x family does not support SPI protocol anymore, that's why I'm concerned about using the SPI port  directly...

  • The McBSP operating in SPI mode gave you the same pin functions as the C6748's SPI port. You have already shown that you know how to connect those SPI port pins to a SPI device.

    The app note shows an example of how to connect most of the other signals. You do not have to use the same pin names as on the C6713, but can even use GPIOs for some of the non-SPI functions. The key for you is to learn from the app note how the functions are handled with the C6713, and then you can migrate those functions similarly to the C6748.