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Linux/LINUXEZSDK-SITARA: How to read data from usb zero gadget driver at device side using AM335x EVM Linux SDK


Tool/software: Linux


I am using custom board which is closely matching with am335x EVM board. In this I successfully ported linux sdk v 4.9.28 on our custom board. Now I want to get usb0 data in bulk transfer mode. I want to communicate with host using USB HighSpeed communication for this requirement linux USB Gadget zero driver is closely matching.So I enabled this driver using make menuconfig. now when I connected custom board to windows host this device is detected in windows device manager. after that I sent(written) data over it. then I put some debug prints in kernel source file f_sourcesink.c and fun name is check_read_data() which is located at drivers/usb/gadget/function/f_sourcesink.c. I am able to see data sent by host app successfully now I have some questions/doubts these are..

1] How can I collect this bulk data from kernel in user side in my device(I want to process this data which is received from host and want to send it to other side)..?

2] if I checked directory i.e. /proc/bus  in this it doesnt show any usb device. so if in future if I want to use open() system call to open device how can I enable usb in this directory..?

3] if above to ways are not possible then how to expose usb gadget zero device in linux /dev/xxxx   directory so that I can access it using open(),read(), write(),close() system calls...?

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