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Linux/LINUXEZSDK-SITARA: Linux-RT commands


Tool/software: Linux

In my project, I need to work low level and high level together and I have beagleBone Black Rev.C platform. As you know, This board has Debian  os on the eMMC by default, so first I try to use the same OS. Then I install Gnom GUI  to be user friendly (because I’m a beginner in linuxJ )via common commands such as :

Sudo Apt-get --reinstall gnome

And then I ran peripherals using Adafruit_BBIO library so easy.

But now I want using SDK rt-linux that recommended by TI, because of it’s compatibility with hardware and CCS for example. And because of good TI support.

So I download “” and then I write the image on the SD card with this training:”

then I placed the SD card back in to my beagleBone black. After booting the SDK rt-linux,  "please wait .." appeared on monitor. then I  pressed Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go to the command line. then ARAGO Project appeared on the screen and I loge as root.

Now I have some questions:

Is there any reference for commands on this OS? as I understand, the commands of this OS is different from standard linux, because I use the commands in this link:

But some commands were not identified, for example result of command

“root@am335x-evm: ~# /usr/bin/weston-flower” is  


“ faild to connect to wayland display: no such file or directory

Failed to create display: no such file or directory”.


I hope to refer me a strait forward manual or command list  for getting start.

And this is very important for me to have a GUI. How can I have this?

Thanks for any help.