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TIDA-00299: Loading ecat_appl.out file to AMIC110 fails

Part Number: TIDA-00299
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMDXICE110, TMDSICE3359, AMIC110, AM3359

Dear distinguished engineer,

I migrated ecat_appl project code from TMDSICE3359 to TMDXICE110, after loading this ecat_appl.out file,  it mentioned error as bellow:

Load Program failed.
file ..\ecat_appl\am335x_debug\ecat_appl.out: a data verification error occurred.
file load failed.

Is there any documents about how to migrate AM3359 ethercat slave project to AMIC110?
Best reagrds,

Frank LYU

  • Hi,

    I've notified the RTOS team. Feedback will be posted here.

    Best Regards,
  • I have this problem as well.
    I just wanted to load the demo project to TMDXICE110 for test, but a load problem happened.
    CortxA8: Trouble Writing Memory Block at 0x80000000 on Page 0 of Length 0xb4: (Error -1065 @ 0x3D5A) Unable to access device memory. Verify that the memory address is in valid memory. If error persists, confirm configuration, power-cycle board, and/or try more reliable JTAG settings (e.g. lower TCLK). (Emulation package 6.0.628.3)
    CortxA8: File Loader: Verification failed: Target failed to write 0x80000000
    CortxA8: GEL: File: D:\ti\PRU-ICSS-EtherCAT_Slave_01.00.04.02\protocols\ethercat_slave\projects\ethercat_slave_demo_AMIC11x_arm\AMIC11x_release\ethercat_slave_demo_AMIC11x_arm.out: Load failed.
  • To Frank: You may refer to PRU-ICSS-EtherCAT_Slave_01.00.04.02 from which supports EtherCAT on TMDXICE110.

    To Swuntoe, did you have GEL file for AMIC110 linked to your JTAG target configuration? CCSv7.1.0.16 and later release supports TMDXICE110 with the GEL files in ccs_base\emulation\boards\ice_amic110\gel\

  • Hi, Garrett

    my software are listed as below:
    iceAMIC110.gel (..\ccs_base\emulation\boards\ice_amic110\gel)

    I genereate ethercat_slave_full_AMIC11x_arm project correctly, patch TI_ESC.PATCH on SSC5.11 code and copy them into

    Now, ethercat_slave_full_AMIC11x_arm.out could be loaded and run to main function.
    However, the program stalled in this function

    #ifdef iceAMIC11x

    while(!Board_getPhyIdentifyStat((((PRUICSS_HwAttrs *)(
    pruIcssHandle->hwAttrs))->prussMiiMdioRegBase), pmdio_params->addr0));

    while(!Board_getPhyIdentifyStat((((PRUICSS_HwAttrs *)(
    pruIcssHandle->hwAttrs))->prussMiiMdioRegBase), pmdio_params->addr1));


    The program fails to get out of that function and keeps cycling on it.

    Thank you.

    Frank Lyu
  • Hello Frank,

    Each version of the Processor SDK requires a specific version of CCS. PROCESSOR-SDK-RTOS-AM335X  04_00_00_04 requires CCS Using a different version of CCS is not guaranteed to work. A link to this correct version of CCS is just below the Processor SDK install link on .  Please uninstall CCS . Following that please remove processor _sdk_rtos_Am334x... and pdk_am335x_1..., if they remain. It is a good practice to reboot the computer before the next step.  Then load CCS from the link on the page or from The CCS page has an off line installer that can result in a faster installation. Follow the instructions in to download the correct CCS product families. After you load and install CCS - then -  CCS will go through an update cycle. One of the updates is to update CCS from to 7.2.  The update to CCS7.2  update should not be taken.  Please remove the check mark from this box and proceed with the other updates.

    Once CCS is installed - is important to delete the existing EtherCAT project and follow the steps to build the full application in a new workspace. You should be able to the patched source files.

    Let us know if this resaves the problem you are seeing.


  • Hi, David

    Thank you for your detailed explanation. 

    after loading ethercat_slave_full_AMIC11x_arm.out, a slave device could be scanned when running IGH1.5.2 based on Beaglebone.

    root@beaglebone:~# ethercat slaves
    0  0:0  PREOP  +  AM57x-E (PRU-ICSS v2.1) CiA402 Drive

    "AM57x-E (PRU-ICSS v2.1) CiA402 Drive" could be found at line20~22 in tiesc_eeprom[] of CiA402_eeprom.h.