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Linux/LINUXEZSDK-SITARA: Customizing the target filesystem

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Tool/software: Linux

I download latest LinuxSDK 04.01 to run it in the EVM board. I found the Qt version is 5.7. This version of Qt is follow GPLv3/LGPLv3 license. Our product cannot accept GPLv3 and LGPLv3 license because our file system is not opened.

In the LinuxSDK 04.00, the Qt version is 5.6.3 which follows LGPLv2 license. That is our prefer Qt version. 

My question is how to use opkg to remove Qt5.7 and install Qt5.6? When I use opkg, the package server cannot be accessed.

  • Hello user4363970,

    Qt version is 5.6.2 in Processor SDK
    You can change the meta-qt5 layer version string in processor-sdk- and build a Processor SDK 04.01 with Qt 5.6.2 and install the complete rootfs-image or only qt packages by opkg, but keep in mind that change in QT version may cause change in behavior.

    $ git clone git:// tisdk
    $ cd tisdk
    $ # Change meta-qt5,git://,morty,2c9f0e4eb0e9097f6f872ec1e1d81768a8ab5f1b,layers= line to meta-qt5,git://,krogoth,2b1871f0d139dc3caaa779a32a1931409c245a36,layers= in configs/processor-sdk/processor-sdk-
    $ ./ -f configs/processor-sdk/processor-sdk-
    $ mkdir downloads
    $ cd downloads
    $ # Assuming src file downloaded to $HOME/Downloads
    $ tar xvf $HOME/Downloads/<target-board>-linux-sdk-arago-src-##.##.##.##.tar.xz
    $ <target-board>-linux-sdk-arago-src-##.##.##.##/ <target-board>-linux-sdk-arago-src-##.##.##.##/source_pkg_list.txt
    $ cd ..</span>
    $ cd build
    $ . conf/setenv
    $ export PATH=$HOME/gcc-linaro-6.2.1-2016.11-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabihf/bin:$PATH
    $ MACHINE=am57xx-evm bitbake tisdk-rootfs-image

    You can find the detailed steps about building and separate opkg package installation guide at this page.

    Best regards,