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sprc900b TMS320C674x DSP Library -vs - sprc265 C64+_C674x DSPLIB

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320C6748, SPRC900, SPRC265, SPRC121

This is probably not the right forum but, since this is "Embedded Software", I see no other place to ask this question

CCS4.1.2, tms320c6748

I found both of these libraries.  They appear to be the same, sort of.  I am confused as to which is the "best" to use.

sprc900 is v1.2 but has a date of January 5, 2010 and installs to c64plus directory

sprc265 is v2.10 but has a date of March 20, 2008 and installs to c674x directory

Which should I use?

Yes, I could go to the TMS320C6748 processor page.  But...the sprc900 page includes links to sprc265 and sprc121 as "Related Software".  Related how?

And (just for fun) how does sprc121 TMS320C67x DSP Library (v2.00 July 11, 2003 (c6700 directory)) relate to all of this?

  • Kurt,

    sprc900, sprc265 and sprc121 are all DSP libraries  which are optimized for specific DSP architecture.

    • sprc900 is  floating point DSP software libraries that can be used on any C674x and later platforms.
    • sprc265 is a fixed point DSP software library that can be used on C64+ platforms and later platforms

    Since you are using tms320c6748, you can use both of the above mentioned libraries. The library that is most suited to your application will depend on the nature of your application requirement. For Eg If you have to compute a 16 bit fixed point FFT , you should use the sprc265 library but if you have to compute a single precision floating point FFT then you should use the sprc900 library.

    The sprc121 is floating point DSP library for a device that is part of the C67x family (Eg C6726, C6701, etc). Here if you want to use a floating point DSP functions  then you should use sprc121 instead of the sprc900. 

    Best regards,


  • Dear Rahul,

    Do you know why the c66x DSP Library (version 3_1_0_0) does not include ASSEMBLY source code like other devices do?