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AM18x eXperimenter's Kit WinCE support

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Does TI provides a WinCE BSP for the AM18x eXperimenter's Kit (TMDXEXP1808L) ? The kit's information page does not mention it as option.

  • Hi Diaz,

    You can download the WinCE BSP from here:

    The BSP you need is at the bottom of the page, but you will need to register before you can download. One thing to note is the the experimenter kit has half the RAM of the EVM, so you will need to disable the expansion RAM by changing the following:


    should be changed to


    in the file 'OMAPL138_AM18X.bat' located in the PLATFORM\OMAPL138_AM18X directory.




  • The initial release of our OMAPL1x/AM1x WinCE BSP (BSP_WINCE_ARM9 01_00_00) does not officially support the AM18x eXperimenter's kits.

    We are aware of at least one limitation whereby the release assumes 128MB memory (the default processor SOM configuration in the full development kit) and doesn't account for the possibility of the 64MB memory processor SOMs included in the LogicPD AM18x/OMAP-L138 eXperimenter Kits (TMDXEXP1808L/TMDXL138LOGICEXP).

    We do now have a workaround identified (one of our FAEs has confirmed the fix) & we hope to have that posted on our software download site within a week.


  • Attached is a zip file of changes that provide a workaround to support the 64MB DDR found in AM1808 eXperimenter's kit.  See the top readme.txt in the zip file for more details.

    The workaround assumes you have already downloaded the BSP_WINCE_ARM9_01_00_00 release (see

  • WM,

    The MPC site ( currently has v1.3 available.  Will the 64MB patch work on this version?


  • Nelson,

    Although we didn't test the patch with MPC v1.3, by comparing MPC's files corresponding to the patch files, the patch should work with MPC's v1.3.


  • WM,

    It works great on v1.3, 64MB.  I successfully booted from PB and from an SD card.  Thank you.