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Part Number: AUDK2G
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSBIOS

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

Using K2G (GP) EVM+K2G Audio Daughter Card(Beta),

I ran the analogAudioLoopback.out program under the addon directory.

The result was a failure.

As I proceeded with debugging, it seems to be an I2C communication error..

Please tell me which area I should focus on.

Audio DC Analog Loopback Test

Test Verifies ADC and DAC Channels 0 to 3
Test Runs in Audio Loopback Mode
Confirm that ADC Input Audio is Played at DAC Channels 0 to 3

Audio Connection Details
ADC_IN 0 ==> DAC_OUT 0
ADC_IN 1 ==> DAC_OUT 1
ADC_IN 2 ==> DAC_OUT 2
ADC_IN 3 ==> DAC_OUT 3
Audio ADC Configuration Failed!
A0=0x1 A1=0x1
A2=0x1 A3=0xc0e0108
A4=0x1 A5=0x73
A6=0x30 A7=0x87d7d9
A8=0x0 A9=0x882890
A10=0x87e146 A11=0x81e600
A12=0x80b3cc A13=0x882a80
A14=0x0 A15=0x0
A16=0x87e146 A17=0x81e600
A18=0x0 A19=0x0
A20=0x0 A21=0x0
A22=0x0 A23=0x87c8ed
A24=0x882b00 A25=0x821630
A26=0x8758f0 A27=0x1a
A28=0x1 A29=0x1
A30=0x0 A31=0x882b08
B0=0x882a30 B1=0x2
B2=0x0 B3=0x882a80
B4=0x87c95d B5=0x82b204
B6=0xffffffff B7=0x87d7da
B8=0x820000 B9=0x882a98
B10=0x0 B11=0x882a98
B12=0xffffffff B13=0xffffffff
B14=0xfffffff7 B15=0x0
B16=0x66666666 B17=0x30666666
B18=0x1b60 B19=0x85a098
B20=0xffffffe7 B21=0x87ca00
B22=0x25 B23=0x0
B24=0x82791c B25=0x2d
B26=0xa B27=0x10a
B28=0x11 B29=0x828978
B30=0x87ca4c B31=0x882adc
Exception at 0x5b99a120
EFR=0x2 NRP=0x5b99a120
Internal exception: IERR=0x1
Instruction fetch exception line 256: E_exceptionMax: pc = 0x00882ac4, sp = 0x00882a80.
xdc.runtime.Error.raise: terminating execution

  • I've notified the rtos team. They will post their feedback directly here.
  • Can you please indicate, what version of the Processor SDK RTOS that you are using. The analog multi-channel loopback test is used by several audio application developers so I suspect that the issue is not with the software but would like to make sure that this is not something that was missed during system testing. Can you indicate what is the Revision marking on the audio daughter card and if you have another audio daughter card that you can try with this setup.

    Your log indicates DSP internal exception occurred which occurs due to illegal opcode or memory corruption or stack overflow etc so I am not sure this occurred due to I2C communication. The ADC configuration is done using I2C interface so your observation matches with the logs you have provided but Can you elaborate on what specific line of code does the I2C communication.

  • Thank you for your reply.
    I must sincerely apologize.
    It is because the connection of the AudK 2 G board was bad.
    After checking the correct connection, I confirmed that it works normally