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AMIC120: EtherCAT Slave with Ethernet tracer

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Part Number: AMIC120

Is AMIC120 able to run EtherCAT slave and Ethernet Tracer (TIDEP0064) simultaneously?

Regards, Bernd

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  • Hi,

    You can't have the two features EtherCAT and Ethernet tracer run simultaneously on AMIC120.

    The Ethernet traces is based on the Auto-forward with PRU Snoop function on PRU-ICSS1, see section Auto-forward with Optional PRU Snoop on TRM.

    The EtheCAT firmware is working on the forward port as on-the-fly, which is different form L2. EtherCAT firmware operates on byte or word base and is actively processing (receiving and transmitting byte by byte) the frame

    If your question is to use ICSS_1 and ICSS_0 to have the two features, answer is negative as well as we don’t have RX_L2 buffer for MII ports from ICSS_0 available.



  • Garrett,

    indeed I thought that with two ICSS it could be possible to run the two applications in parallel but you explained now why it isn't possible.
    Thank you for the detailed answer.  

    Regards, Bernd

  • Bernd,

    Depending on customer's use case, using AM570x/K2G and a lan tap (could be on board) to feed the same traffic to second ICSS would be able to enable both EtherCAT and Ethernet tracer.