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TIDEP0010: SerCos III Slave support

Part Number: TIDEP0010
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDEP0039, TMDSICE3359, , AM3359

An earlier visit to the site:

There was a download file  It is not there now.

I've purchased the TMDSICE3359 and would now like to run it as a sercos III slave. 

What is happening here?  First a file, then none and an e2e replay saying sercos III is not supported. 

We are a sercos licensee.  Advise, thanks.

  • OOPS, the initial site is the tidep0010 page, not 0039..
    the TIDEP0039 still has a download for the firmware, wrong part for the AM3359 ice though.
  • The RTOS team have been notified. They will respond here.
  • HI Stephan, regretfully we currently don't have PRU-ICCS SercosIII slave to offer.
    thank you,

  • Hmm, not an answer to the question. Perhaps marketing needs to be involved.
    TIDEP0010 came out a year or so ago in an ad campaign as the SERCOS III application for the TMDSICE3359. And I believe there was a download for firmware on that page, just as there is now for TIDEP0039 titled " TIDEP0039 Sercos III for AM437x Firmware ".
    The firmware was downloaded at that time. Perhaps I am in error, but I do have two two different SERCOS downloads from that time period. Both also came with a SERCOS conformance document. So why are you saying there is no offering? Please consider the following too.

    A search of the SERCOS product offerings (SSERCOS main webpage) shows quite a few TI EVM boards supporting both slave and master modes. It appears from this site that TI is heavily involved. Would you guide me through? I did not select the TIDEP0039 because a demonstration for management is needed without having to build a board as is needed with TIDEP0039.

    Is there a software licensing issue with SERCOS?

    So in conclusion,
    Would you share what TI is offering? And if the answer still is there are no offerings, please explain the conflicting information. Is TI getting out? Should TI be considered as a viable partner for SERCOS? And what is TI's future intent for SERCOS? Product lifespan here is 10 to 20 years. A part that has a long life span, not early obsolescence is required.

    Oh, sorry for being so long. In one simple question what does TI have available for designing a SERCOS slave?

    "we currently don't have PRU-ICCS SercosIII slave to offer." , see TIDEP0039. Is there a problem with this offering?
  • Hi Stephan, we had a SercosIII which was developed for a customer few years back. Unfortunately, we didn't port it to our latest Software architecture, which uses Processor SDK (PSDK)+ add on PRU-ICSS Industrial SW.

    Moving our old Sercos III slave to our new PSDK model would take some effort, but it is technically possible. If you consider proper, maybe you can get in touch with your assigned FAE / Marketing in order to explore some options.

    On the other hand, we are working with Bosch Reroth on enabling SercosIII softmaster on AM335x. So definitely, we are still actively involved with SercosIII.

    Thank you, I hope I answer your question this time =)


  • Thanks, your answer is helpful. Still, would you explain what the software file on the TIDEP0039 page is?
    Please visit page
    Then scroll down to software. There is a file there called "TIDEP0039 Sercos III for AM437x Firmware ".
    What is it for?
  • Hi Stephan, to answer your question, mentioned above files are PRU firmware header files, which support Sercos MAC in PRU firmware.

    You can contact Automata to get/purchase the Sercos stack to work with those PRU firmware files.
    Automata-TI Sitara landing page:

    Thank you,
  • I am waiting for a reply from Automata.

    In the meantime, is there a simple "hello World" example I can run for the TMDSICE3359 to learn how to use the tools?


  • Hi Stephan, let me suggest a couple of links with training material that you can explore

    CCS v8 training material for Code Composer Studio v8 is now integrated into Resource Explorer inside CCS or

    This is for CCS v7 (but v8 is similar):

    PSDK Training Series

    This is a lot, but I hope it can help you to start.

    thank you,