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Linux/DRA714: DRA71x evm a ready to use Linux image for SD card

Part Number: DRA714

Tool/software: Linux

Hi everybody , 

please I got 1 evm fro DRA71x . now I woudl like to create a SD  using my windows  PC   with ready to use  image and boot partitions.

I can see on Linux SDK page we have  rootfs and a boot  files ,  but can I use  straight on DRA71x  or need any configuration in particular Boot ...gz file ?

any tool you reccomend  on a Windows PC to write the SD ?

thank you 



  • Hi Carlo,

    The PSDKLA 3.04 installer (which should be installed on an Ubuntu 14.04 or higher machine) contains the prebuilt binaries to support all the DRA variants. The default prebuilt binaries will work just fine.

    You could use a Virtual Machine on your Windows PC to install Ubuntu and prepare the card.
    Please follow the instructions in the Software Developers Guide.

    We do not ship any SD card image and hence you might not be able to use any image writing tool to prepare the card on the Windows machine.

  • Hi Karthik

    Please  rootfs and boot image available on sdk web page are ok to be used on dra71x evm ?

    This will save me from having virtual machine etc

    Could you please confirm?

    Thank you



  • Hi Carlo,

    Yes. The rootfs and boot images will work on the dra71x evm (please choose the correct dtb file in the uenv.txt).

    However, regarding the need for virtual machine - that was to explicitly let you know that you either need a Linux machine or a Window machine with a VM running Ubuntu.

  • HI Karthik ,
    I got a "kernel panic " message ...
    this is the procedure I used :
    rootfs and boot images taken from software-dl.ti.com/.../index_FDS.html
    created SDcard with Boot bootable .
    board comes up , I can see Uboot and starts kernel , but then after some logging I get the error .
    where am I wrong ?
    what do you mean to select correct dtb file in uenv.txt ? I opened up and there is no file or evm mentioning .

    I did many times in the past virtual machine etc , but this time no space on my pc and need to test it asap
    thank you
  • Hi Carlo,

    Please provide the kernel panic message in the E2E.

    I suspect that the additional procedure that you might have missed is the following:

    • Plug in the SD card into the PC.
    • If the card is auto mounted into the folder /media/user/, then 
    • Edit /media/user/boot/uenv.txt and add the line "fdtfile=dra71-evm.dtb"
    • Save and Exit
    • Umount the card
    • Plug in the card to the EVM and boot up.

    You may post the result after the above steps.



  • Hi Karthik , 

    I reach an "emergency mode" , in attach full log .

    I noticed some mmc errors , which should not be there  but  I have on more than one mmc .

    any suggestion is very welcome 

    thank you 


    CarloBoot log DRA71x evm.rtf

  • HI Karthik
    WORKING NOW ! thank you very much
    my takeway : do the tar of the images straight on the SDcard partitions to avoid any issue .
  • The issue was root caused to the method of the SD card preparation.

    * It is always recommended to use the mksdboot.sh that comes along with the installer.
    * However, if you are preparing it manually, the recommendation is to the untar the rootfs directly into the rootfs partition of the SD card.
    The root cause of the problem was with the extraction of the rootfs was being done to the host PC and then contents of the PC folder were copied to the SD card along with changing the file permissions (to perhaps take care of the sudo etc).