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CCS/TMDSDSK6416: How to remove warnings in CCS

Part Number: TMDSDSK6416

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hello All,

I Started working on DSK6416 ,and followed a book by Rulph Chasing ,which has lot of examples to get start with DSK.

Well the book uses CCsv3.1 for compling and debugging the examples and i am using CCS v6.

When i tried to implement the following example, sin8LED on CCS v6,it works fine by linking all the required lib files and seting up path for include files.


#include "dsk6416_aic23.h" //codec support
Uint32 fs = DSK6416_AIC23_FREQ_8KHZ; //set sampling rate
#define DSK6416_AIC23_INPUT_MIC 0x0015
#define DSK6416_AIC23_INPUT_LINE 0x0011
Uint16 inputsource=DSK6416_AIC23_INPUT_LINE;//select input
#define LOOPLENGTH 8
short loopindex = 0; //table index
short gain = 10; //gain factor
short sine_table[LOOPLENGTH]={0,707,1000,707,0,-707,-1000,-707}; //sine values

void main()
comm_poll(); //init DSK,codec,McBSP
DSK6416_LED_init(); //init LED from BSL
DSK6416_DIP_init(); //init DIP from BSL
while(1) //infinite loop
if(DSK6416_DIP_get(0)==0) //=0 if DIP switch #0 pressed
DSK6416_LED_on(); //turn LED #0 ON
output_left_sample(sine_table[loopindex++]*gain); //output sample
if (loopindex >= LOOPLENGTH) loopindex = 0; //reset table index
else DSK6416_LED_off(0); //turn LED off if not pressed
} //end of while(1) infinite loop
} //end of main


As i build  up the project ,it shows 0 errors but many warnings as below,however the program works as expected , but my concern is that how to get these warnings fixed?