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Compiler/TMS320C6412: Preprocessor can't find new BIOS header files

Part Number: TMS320C6412

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler


I'm getting a preprocessor compiler error that I've been unable to figure out.

Some history: I'm upgrading some legacy SW that used the CCS v3.3 libraries, C6000 packages: CSL, CGTOOLS and BIOS v5.31.02. I've upgraded the BIOS to v5.42.02.10 and CGTOOLS to v7.4.23. The CSL libraries remain the same (the final CSL2 release; the last release compatible with this DSP). I am not using code composer.

I have a complex makefile that builds the DSP code. Obviously, I don't want to change any of code other than the makefiles to get this to compile. The code builds on a server, where the CSL libraries live, but for now, my new BIOS libraries live on my local machine. When the preprocessor gets to the first directory in list to build, I get this error:

In file included from comp/Fpga/
local-objs/comp/BIOS/UppDspcfg.h:8:17: std.h: No such file or directory
local-objs/comp/BIOS/UppDspcfg.h:9:17: prd.h: No such file or directory
local-objs/comp/BIOS/UppDspcfg.h:10:17: swi.h: No such file or directory
local-objs/comp/BIOS/UppDspcfg.h:11:17: tsk.h: No such file or directory
local-objs/comp/BIOS/UppDspcfg.h:12:17: log.h: No such file or directory
local-objs/comp/BIOS/UppDspcfg.h:13:17: sem.h: No such file or directory

The file, line 3 is:

#include <UppDspcfg.h>

and the lines of UppDspcfg.h that are at fault are:

#include <std.h>
#include <prd.h>
#include <swi.h>
#include <tsk.h>
#include <log.h>
#include <sem.h>

These 6 header files are present in 3 locations for me:

  1. /ti_dsp/c6000/bios/include (previous libraries, on server)
  2. /ti_dsp/ccs3.3/bios_5_31_02/packages/ti/include (previous libraries, on server)
  3. /home/bios_5_42_02_10/packages/ti/bios/include (new libraries, on local drive)

Now, since I am upgrading, I assume that I should be using option 3, however, I have tried all 3 options in the tconf call. I know that this *cfg.h file is generated by tconf and therefore I've been focusing my attention there. I've played around with modifying the importPath to specify the include path (in bold), but this hasn't yielded any success:

${OUTPUT}/%cfg.s62 ${OUTPUT}/%cfg.h62 ${OUTPUT}/%cfg.h ${OUTPUT}/%cfg_c.c ${OUTPUT}/%cfg.cmd: \
    cd ${<D} && /home/bios_5_42_02_10/xdctools/tconf \
    -Dconfig.importPath="/home/bios_5_42_02_10/packages/ti/bios/include;/home/bios_5_42_02_10/packages" ${<F}

Note that the preprocessor is happy with my path for the CSL libraries. Do you have any suggestions on what I might try next?