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RTOS/TMS320C6678: TI-RTOS 5.1 NDK example

Part Number: TMS320C6678
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CCSTUDIO, 66AK2E05, 66AK2G01, 66AK2G02, 66AK2G12, 66AK2H06, 66AK2H12, 66AK2L06, K2GICE, TCI6630K2L, TCI6636K2H, TCI6638K2K, TMS320C6416, TMS320C6455, TMS320C6413, TMS320C6418, TMS320C6424, TMS320C6457, TMS320C6472, TMS320C6747, TMS320C6748, TMS320C6474, TMS320C6410, TMS320C6411, TMS320C6412, TMS320C6414, TMS320C6415, TMS320C6421, TMS320C6452, TMS320C6454, TMS320C6652, TMS320C6654, TMS320C6655, TMS320C6657, TMS320C6670, TMS320C6671, TMS320C6672, TMS320C6674, , TMS320C6701, TMS320C6720, TMS320C6727, TMS320C6742, TMS320C6743, TMS320C6745, TMS320C6746, TMS320TCI6488

Tool/software: TI-RTOS


   I want to use NDK in my project. I could not find the NDK examples in the new RTOS. Now I am using TI-RTOS 5.1 (pdk_c667x_2_0_11, ndk_3_40_01_01, bios_6_73_00_12). Please give example project and some basic idea to implement NDK in my project. I already read the document about NDK, So give some program related ideas like what are the libraries I should required (EMAC).

  • Hi,

    NDK examples can be created by running the following commands:
    cd ~/ti/pdk_c667x_2_0_12/packages
    ykovachev@lin-0373:~/ti/pdk_c667x_2_0_12/packages$ source
    ykovachev@lin-0373:~/ti/pdk_c667x_2_0_12/packages$ ./ C6678 all little nimu all dsp

    This will generate the NIMU_emacClientExample_EVMC6678C66BiosExampleProject & NIMU_emacExample_EVMC6678C66BiosExampleProject, which you can import & ccs and take as a reference when setting your project.

    Best Regards,
  • Hi Yordan,

    Thank you for your reply. I have run those commands in windows command prompt. It gives error like :
    " '$' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file "
    " 'source' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."
    So please give windows related commands (or) batch files.

    Then I have run "windows batch file" which contained in the same directory. In that running gives erro like:

    "Copying macro.ini
    The system cannot find the path specified.
     0 file(s) copied."

    So which creates "MyExampleProjects" ,but inside that folder, projects are not there.

    I attach command prompt output below:

    Creating project 'I2C_Example_skAM335x_armExampleProject'...

      !ERROR: Device is either 'null' or is currently not recognized by CCS. See 'Help > Check for Updates' or visit CCS App Center to get the latest device support.
        NOTE: Refer to the following list of available devices (the display-names in square brackets are for reference only):

            ISA family: ARM
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.CustomTMS470Device [Custom ARM Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.GenericARM7Device [Generic ARM7 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.GenericARM9Device [Generic ARM9 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.GenericARM11Device [Generic ARM11 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.GenericCortexA8Device [Generic CortexA8 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.GenericCortexA9Device [Generic CortexA9 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.GenericCortexA15Device [Generic CortexA15 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.GenericCortexM3Device [Generic CortexM3 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.GenericCortexM4Device [Generic CortexM4 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.GenericCortexR4Device [Generic CortexR4 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.TMS470.GenericCortexR5Device [Generic CortexR5 Device]
                    Cortex A.66AK2E05 [66AK2E05]
                    Cortex A.66AK2G01 [66AK2G01]
                    Cortex A.66AK2G02 [66AK2G02]
                    Cortex A.66AK2G12 [66AK2G12]
                    Cortex A.66AK2H06 [66AK2H06]
                    Cortex A.66AK2H12 [66AK2H12]
                    Cortex A.66AK2L06 [66AK2L06]
                    Cortex A.66AK2G02.K2GEVM [K2GEVM]
                    Cortex A.66AK2G02.K2GICE [K2GICE]
                    Cortex A.TCI6614 [TCI6614]
                    Cortex A.TCI6630K2L [TCI6630K2L]
                    Cortex A.TCI6636K2H [TCI6636K2H]
                    Cortex A.TCI6638K2K [TCI6638K2K]

            ISA family: C6000
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C6000.CustomC6000Device [Custom C6000 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C6000.GenericC62xxDevice [Generic C62xx Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C6000.GenericC64xxDevice [Generic C64xx Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C6000.GenericC64xPlusDevice [Generic C64x+ Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C6000.GenericC66xxDevice [Generic C66xx Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C6000.GenericC674xDevice [Generic C674x Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C6000.GenericC67xxDevice [Generic C67xx Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C6000.GenericC67xPlusDevice [Generic C67x+ Device]
                    TMS320C66XX.66AK2E05 [66AK2E05]
                    TMS320C66XX.66AK2G01 [66AK2G01]
                    TMS320C66XX.66AK2G02 [66AK2G02]
                    TMS320C66XX.66AK2G12 [66AK2G12]
                    TMS320C66XX.66AK2H06 [66AK2H06]
                    TMS320C66XX.66AK2H12 [66AK2H12]
                    TMS320C66XX.66AK2L06 [66AK2L06]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6416.DSK6416 [DSK6416]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6455.DSK6455 [DSK6455]
                    TMS320C67XX.DSK6713 [DSK6713]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320TCI6482.DSKTCI6482 [DSKTCI6482]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6413.EVM6413 [EVM6413]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6418.EVM6418 [EVM6418]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6455.EVM6455 [EVM6455 (TMS320C6455)]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6424.EVMC6424 [EVMC6424]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6457.EVMC6457 [EVMC6457 (TMS320C6457)]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6472.EVMC6472 [EVMC6472]
                    TMS320C64XX.EVMC6474 [EVMC6474]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6747.EVMC6747 [EVMC6747]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6748.EVMC6748 [EVMC6748]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320TCI6482.EVMTCI6482 [EVMTCI6482 (TMS320TCI6482)]
                    TMS320C64XX.EVMTCI6488 [EVMTCI6488]
                    TMS320C66XX.66AK2G02.K2GEVM [K2GEVM]
                    TMS320C66XX.66AK2G02.K2GICE [K2GICE]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6748.LCDKC6748 [LCDKC6748]
                    TMS320C66XX.TCI6608 [TCI6608]
                    TMS320C66XX.TCI6614 [TCI6614]
                    TMS320C66XX.TCI6616 [TCI6616]
                    TMS320C66XX.TCI6618 [TCI6618]
                    TMS320C66XX.TCI6630K2L [TCI6630K2L]
                    TMS320C66XX.TCI6634K2K [TCI6634K2K]
                    TMS320C66XX.TCI6636K2H [TCI6636K2H]
                    TMS320C66XX.TCI6638K2K [TCI6638K2K]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6457.TMDSEVM6457L [TMDSEVM6457L]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6474.TMDSEVM6474L [TMDSEVM6474L]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6410 [TMS320C6410]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6411 [TMS320C6411]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6412 [TMS320C6412]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6413 [TMS320C6413]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6414 [TMS320C6414]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6415 [TMS320C6415]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6416 [TMS320C6416]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6418 [TMS320C6418]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6421 [TMS320C6421]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6424 [TMS320C6424]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6452 [TMS320C6452]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6454 [TMS320C6454]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6455 [TMS320C6455]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6457 [TMS320C6457]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6472 [TMS320C6472]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320C6474 [TMS320C6474]
                    TMS320C66XX.TMS320C6652 [TMS320C6652]
                    TMS320C66XX.TMS320C6654 [TMS320C6654]
                    TMS320C66XX.TMS320C6655 [TMS320C6655]
                    TMS320C66XX.TMS320C6657 [TMS320C6657]
                    TMS320C66XX.TMS320C6670 [TMS320C6670]
                    TMS320C66XX.TMS320C6671 [TMS320C6671]
                    TMS320C66XX.TMS320C6672 [TMS320C6672]
                    TMS320C66XX.TMS320C6674 [TMS320C6674]
                    TMS320C66XX.TMS320C6678 [TMS320C6678]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6701 [TMS320C6701]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6711 [TMS320C6711]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6712 [TMS320C6712]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6713 [TMS320C6713]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6720 [TMS320C6720]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6722 [TMS320C6722]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6726 [TMS320C6726]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6727 [TMS320C6727]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6742 [TMS320C6742]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6743 [TMS320C6743]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6745 [TMS320C6745]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6746 [TMS320C6746]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6747 [TMS320C6747]
                    TMS320C67XX.TMS320C6748 [TMS320C6748]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320TCI6482 [TMS320TCI6482]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320TCI6484 [TMS320TCI6484]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320TCI6486 [TMS320TCI6486]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320TCI6487 [TMS320TCI6487]
                    TMS320C64XX.TMS320TCI6488 [TMS320TCI6488]

            ISA family: C7000
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C7000.CustomC7000Device [Custom C7000 Device]
                    com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C7000.GenericC71xxDevice [Generic C71xx Device]

            ISA family: EVE
                    EVE.genericDevice.EVE [Generic EVE Device]

            ISA family: PRU
                    TMS192C2026.66AK2G02 [66AK2G02]
                    TMS192C2026.66AK2G12 [66AK2G12]
                    TMS192C2026.TMS320C6748.EVMC6748 [EVMC6748]
                    TMS192C2026.66AK2G02.K2GEVM [K2GEVM]
                    TMS192C2026.66AK2G02.K2GICE [K2GICE]
                    TMS192C2026.TMS320C6748.LCDKC6748 [LCDKC6748]
                    TMS192C2026.TMS320C6742 [TMS320C6742]
                    TMS192C2026.TMS320C6746 [TMS320C6746]
                    TMS192C2026.TMS320C6748 [TMS320C6748]

    Copying macro.ini
    The system cannot find the path specified.
     0 file(s) copied.

    Please give suggestion to fix that specified path for batch file.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • The commands I provided are linux commands. You can find a Guide for creating the projects in Windows environment here:

    See Section PDK Example and Test Project Creation.

    Best Regards,
  • Hi yordan,
    Thank you, I already run that windows batch file and clear those errors (by changing family, processor and path in that batch file) . Now example project was created. I have imported into ccs, which gives lot of warnings I couldn't clear. Please help me to clear those warnings.

    #10247-D null: creating output section ".sharedGRL" without a SECTIONS specification
    #10247-D null: creating output section ".sharedPolicy" without a SECTIONS specification
    #169-D argument of type "struct sockaddr_in *" is incompatible with parameter of type "struct sockaddr *"
    #169-D argument of type "struct sockaddr_in *" is incompatible with parameter of type "struct sockaddr *"
    #233-D declaration is not visible outside of function
    #303-D typedef name has already been declared (with same type) client.c
    #225-D</a> function "bzero" declared implicitly
    #225-D</a> function "bzero" declared implicitly
    #225-D</a> function "bzero" declared implicitly
    #225-D</a> function "bzero" declared implicitly
    #225-D</a> function "System_flush" declared implicitly
    Invalid project path: Include path not found (C:\Users\ekula.s\test\NIMU_emacClientExample_EVMC6678C66BiosExampleProject\Debug\{NDK_INSTALL_DIR}\packages).
    =>Please give "bzero" declaration and definition file. Which is used in client.c
    =>In webpage.c , getpeername() argument is "struct sockaddr", but we are give "struct sockaddr_in " parameter. If chaned to 'struct sockaddr' means it ll affect lot.
    =>.sharedGRL, .sharedPolicy sections are not specified in cfg file.
  • Hi,

    You don't need to change anything in that batch file. You need to use it with the input parameters as specified in the usage guide.
    The sequence of commands you need to use in order to create the correct CCS project is:
    pdkProjectCreate.bat [soc] [board] [endian] [module] [project type] [processor] [pdkDir]

    Best Regards,