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OMAPL137-HT: Serial Boot and SPI Flash Loading Utility for OMAP-L137HT

Part Number: OMAPL137-HT
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: OMAP-L137, AM1707


We are facing issue with UART boot mode and SPI flash loading for UBL and application images for OMAPL137. 

We are trying to use the flash utilities as per the below  URL and rebuilt the utility to fit our needs ( we use UART0 and SPI0 with 24MHz crystal.).

An aother thing is we don't have SDRAM on our board and we use the Shared RAM and DSP L2 for our application.

We have seen lot of discussions on TI E2E forum about this and pretty much we have taken care of all the settings for UART0 baud and SPI prescalar since the default SFH utility supports 24Mhz clock.

Our changes are as below.

  1.                                                     i.     OMAP-L137/Common/src/device.c – Modify the parameters passed into the function DEVICE_PLL0Init to set the proper PLLM value as 24 (25 * 24MHz) to get 300MHz CPU frequency
  2.                                                    ii.     OMAP-L137/Common/src/device_uart.c  - Modify the DEVICE_UART_config to achieve 115200 baud rate

const UART_ConfigObj DEVICE_UART_config =


  UART_OSM_X16,         // osm

  UART_PARITY_NONE,     // parity

  UART_STOP_BITS_1,     // stopBits

  8,                    // charLen

#if defined(OMAPL137_v1)

  41                    // divider

#elif defined(AM1707)

  123                                                                   // divider


  81                    // divider





#define DEVICE_SPI_TIMEOUT (10240)
#define DEVICE_SPI_DATOFFSET (0)   - tried (1) also.


#define DEVICE_SPI_UBL_HDR_OFFSET (0*1024)
#define DEVICE_SPI_APP_HDR_OFFSET (64*1024)




const SPI_ConfigObj DEVICE_SPI_config =
1, // polarity
0, // phase
10, // prescalar
8 // charLen

// Set SPI config to NULL to use SPI driver defaults
//SPI_ConfigHandle const hDEVICE_SPI_config = NULL;
SPI_ConfigHandle const hDEVICE_SPI_config = (SPI_ConfigHandle) &DEVICE_SPI_config;

const SPI_MEM_ParamsObj DEVICE_SPI_MEM_params =
24, // addrWidth
256, // pageSize
4096, // sectorSize
64*1024, // blockSize
8*1024*1024 // memorySize


We use  TTZ2564 SPI flash is our hardware.

We tried all the combination of settings for UART0, SPI0 but we still stuck at the message  “Waiting for SFT on the OMAP-L137…” as below when we try to erase the flash using the command "sfh_OMAP-L137.exe -p COM4 -erase"

We want to what could be possible cause of this issue?