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TMDSDSK6416: Generate short pulse with DSP Timer

Part Number: TMDSDSK6416
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320C6416T


I'm trying generate short pulses with DSP's 32-bit timer. I'm using the DSK6416 board. I need to have pulse widths as short as 50ns-100ns and be able to change the duty-cycle. I try to read the CNT register of the timer and set DATOUT to be driven on TOUT pin of timer when the proper width has reached. The problem is that when I use the TIMER_setDatOut API it is not possible to get 50-100ns pulse widths. The shortest pulse width you can get is 150ns. Here is my simple code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <csl.h>
#include <csl_timer.h>

TIMER_Handle hTimer;

TIMER_Config MyConfig = {
                         0x00000300,   //Clock mode, Internal clock source f_cpu/8, DATOUT is driven on TOUT    DSK runs at 1GHz
                         0x0000003E,   //f=125MHz/(this value) 1MHz frequency as an example
void main()

hTimer = TIMER_open(TIMER_DEV0,0);




Thank you for your help

  • Hello,

    Which version of the DSK board are you using? I see there are 3 versions: v1 @ 600MHz, v2 @ 720 MHz, and v3 @ 1 GHz. Do you know what frequency your timer is configured at?

    If you toggle the timer in a simple while loop like below, how short are the pulse widths?



  • Dear Sahin,

    Thank you for your reply. My DSK board is version 3 and it runs at 1GHz. I have configured the timer at 1MHz and the input clock to the timer is 125 MHz. I toggled the timer in a simple while loop as you suggested and I got 80ns pulse widths. Timer should provide shorter pulse widths than this value. As the datasheet for the TMS320C6416T says, the timer is able to output 5ns pulse duration at high state.

    By the way, is there any way to change the DSP core frequency without using DSP/BIOS configuration?

    Best regards,