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TMS320C6424: AIS Section Fill command arguments

Part Number: TMS320C6424
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320C6747

Dear TI Support team,

AIS Section Fill command is not documented properly. Here is what I found at spraak5b.pdf:

Did not find any related info in a (both v1.05.00 and v1.20.10 versions) and

I found following AIS Section fill command discussion for TMS320C6747/45/43 DSP:

Could you please:



  • Kirill,

    Yes, SECTION_FILL command is supported by the ROM on this device and is referred to in the script  but the details are not in there. Section fill for DM643x/C6424  is same as C6747 device  and the details are in the Bootloader application notes:

    The Case statement to process SECTION_FILL command in the AIS protocol is as follows:

         case AIS_PROTOCOL_SECTION_FILL:  //10 
            sectionLoadAddr = (Uint32 *) readWord(&currAddr);
            sectionSize     = (Uint32)   readWord(&currAddr);
            j = (sectionSize % 4);
            dataWord = readWord(&currAddr);
            for(i = 0; i < sectionSize/4; ++i) 
              sectionLoadAddr[i] = dataWord;
            if (j != 0) 
              dataWord = readWord(&currAddr);
              byteAddr = (Uint8 *)(sectionLoadAddr+i);
              for(i = 0; i < j; ++i)
                byteAddr[i] = dataWord & 0xFF;
                dataWord >>= 8;

    Hope that helps.



  • Dear Rahul,

    According to code you have posted arguments to the section fill are actually:
    1. Address
    2. Size in Bytes
    3. Pattern for word access
    4. Pattern for per byte access

    There is No type argument.