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TMS320C6416: Request for info regarding tms320c6416 dsp starter kit

Part Number: TMS320C6416


I am in the development process of images processing based project, so as a part of project requirement, i want to interface the camera to the tms320c6416 dsp starter kit. My query is, is it possible to interface the camera to the tms320c6416 dsp starter kit, if yes then which camera interface is available on tms320c6416 dsp starter kit.

Thanks and regards,

Shrihari Shinde 

  • Hi Shrihari Shinde,

    As you can take a look at TMS320C6416 DSK technical reference at:

    there is no camera interface.

    Therefore I suggest you L138/C6748 Development Kit(LCDK) which is equipped with Composite Video Input (RCA Jack) and Leopard Imaging Camera Sensor Input (36-pin ZIP connector) as it is described in the board overview at:

    If you choose to use Leopard Imaging Camera 36-pin there is a list of compatible solutions:

    Tsvetolin Shulev

  • Hello ,

    Thanks for the info.

    I am looking for the development board with below interfaces for my development. 

    1. Camera Input port for video input (NTSC or PAL) 

    2. VGA Port for video out

    3. CAN port for CAN communication

    4. Audio CODEC 

    As i can see the  L138/C6748 Development Kit(LCDK) board which you have mentioned does not have the CAN port and NTSC/PAL camera input.

    Please suggest me suitable development board with above listed features. 

  • I can not suggest you a development board matchng to all your requirements because we have no active solution with VGA port but there are several automotive and Sitara boards which have camera, video output, CAN and audio Codec:

    and product list:

    Tsvetolin Shulev

  • Thanks for the info,

    As i can see the Sitara boards mentioned above are over killing our requirement. So i decided to go for the TMS320DM642 Evaluation board for my current project. As i can see in the specs that it has the Camera Input port (NTSC or PAL), VGA video out and codec. But i can t see GPIO on the development board. Please let me know if i am correct