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66AK2H06: UART boot

Part Number: 66AK2H06


Customer wants to check UART boot function with 66AK2H06.
They refer to below documents.

1) Which UART pins are used, UART0 or UART1?
2) Section 8.4.5 mentions uartImage.dat, uartStage1.dat and uartStatge2.dat, but there is no such files.
The uartImage1.bin is the correct file name?

Thanks and regards,
Koichiro Tashiro

  • Hi,

    I looked at the There is no mentioning the UART boot on K2H device.

    The UART boot described in is very new. Let me check how this package is maintained and tested.

    Regards, Eric

  • Tashiro-san,

    UART boot examples in the KS2 Bootloader application notes were created and validated using K2H EVM which uses UART instance 0. The UART instance used for initlal ROM boot is also guided by the BOOTMODE pin settings that can be read from DEVSTAT register. 

    The file name for the UART boot images seem to not match with the prebuilt binaries. the correct file names for multi-stage boot are uartImage1.bin and uartImageStage2.bin and for single stage boot is uart_data.bin.

    If you open the makefile in the following path, you can see the target names match the file names that I have mentioned and found in the package:



    I will file a litbug to fix the file names.



  • Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for your detailed reply.

    Customer tested the prebuild files for mult-stage boot (uartImage1.bin and uartImageStage2.bin) on EVMK2H and it works fine.
    Here is terminal output.

    But when same images are used on the customer board, the terminal output is corrupted.

    BOOTMODE[15:0] configuration used on the customer board is below.

    Is this the same configuration when EVMK2H is configured UART boot (SW1 off, on, off, off)?

    Thanks and regards,
    Koichiro Tashiro