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66AK2H06: GP Header Boot Image Formatting Tool

Part Number: 66AK2H06


My customer is trying to use SPI boot with 66AK2H06.
He refers to below document.
Keystone II Architecture ARM Bootloader User Guide (SPRUHJ3)

In section 2.7.1 GP Header Boot Image Format, there is below sentence.

"A tool that can take a standard binary image and convert it to GP header boot image format is provided in the MCSDK."

I think MCSDK is legacy SDK and the latest one is Processor SDK RTOS (or Linux) and customer uses this SDK.
I could not find tools for converting a binary to GP header boot image.
Where can I find it and how to use it?

Thanks and regards,
Koichiro Tashiro

  • Hello Koichiro-San,

    You are definitely right to stay away from MCSDK but move to Processor SDK. You can download the latest version (either RTOS or Linux) from this link:

    Then, say for RTOS, please take a look at this folder:


    Then all the utilities you were looking for can be found here:


    It might be good for you to take a look at the scripts located at tools/scripts folder, say K2GImageGen.bat to see how it was converted for K2G as K2G is a closer match to K2H (compared to the other scripts).

    Hopefully it helps.

    best regards,

    David Zhou

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I was able to find tools at the location.
    But it is not clear how to use it even I looked K2GImageGen.bat…

    It seems below parameters need to be set based on device, but they are not written anywhere for K2H.
    set Dev_ID=55
    set MPU_CPU0_ID=0
    set DSP0_ID=5

    Below parameters are also not explained in details.

    I thought the tool was much simple one, just specify *.bin(or *.out) as input then GP header file is generated…
    btoccs or out2rprc seem format converters, do we have user’s guide for each tools?

    Thanks and regards,
    Koichiro Tashiro

  • Hi David,

    Could you answer this item?

    Thanks and regards,
    Koichiro Tashiro

  • Hello Koichiro-San,

    You are right that it does seem we are missing information. We do have limited info about SBL

    But it doesn't have all the info you were looking for.

    The following file has ENUM type of definitions, please check it:


    It will be good to simply add a script for K2H device. I will file an internal enhance request to make improvements.

    Right now my recommendation is to use the K2G scripts for K2H if you are not using all the cores on K2H yet.

    Please try it and let me know if you have any issues. 

    best regards,

    David Zhou

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for filing an enhancement request.

    I tried to use K2GImageGen script, but it seems it does not do anything.
    Console log is attached.

    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>REM @echo off
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>REM Device Id Hard coded to  55
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>REM Device ID & CPU ID should be in sync with SBL. Refer SBL user guide for values
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>set Dev_ID=55
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>set MPU_CPU0_ID=0
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>set DSP0_ID=5
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>REM Define Output file path
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>if not defined TOOLS_PATH (set TOOLS_PATH=\ti\boot\sbl\tools )
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>IF NOT EXIST \ mkdir
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>REM assigning variable to a dummy application to avoid creating a dummy app image.
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>if not defined APP_MPU_CPU0 (set APP_MPU_CPU0=\ti\boot\sbl\binary\TestApp )
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>IF EXIST \ti\boot\sbl\binary\TestApp (
    set MPU_CPU0=0
     set image_gen=1
     set APP_MPU_CPU0_RPRC=\ti\boot\sbl\binary\TestApp.rprc
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>if defined APP_MPU_CPU0_RPRC ("\ti\boot\sbl\tools\out2rprc\bin\out2rprc.exe" \ti\boot\sbl\binary\TestApp   )
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>REM assigning variable to a dummy application to avoid creating a dummy app image.
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>if not defined APP_DSP0 (set APP_DSP0=\ti\boot\sbl\binary\TestApp )
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>IF EXIST \ti\boot\sbl\binary\TestApp (
    set DSP0_CPU=5
     set image_gen=1
     set APP_DSP0_RPRC=\ti\boot\sbl\binary\TestApp.rprc
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>if defined APP_DSP0_RPRC ("\ti\boot\sbl\tools\out2rprc\bin\out2rprc.exe" \ti\boot\sbl\binary\TestApp   )
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>REM ImageGen
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>if defined image_gen (
    REM Generating MulticoreImage Gen
     "\ti\boot\sbl\tools\multicoreImageGen\bin\MulticoreImageGen.exe" LE 55 \app
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>if not defined image_gen (echo. Error Application .out missing!!  )
     Error Application .out missing!!
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>REM Clearing the image gen flag
    C:\ti\pdk_k2hk_4_0_13\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\scripts>set image_gen=

    It simply output the contents of the batch file…

    Thanks and regards,
    Koichiro Tashiro