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TMS320C6671: TMS320C6671 Srio : "EG_DATA_OVERFLOW" , "EG_CRQ_OVERFLOW" status.

Part Number: TMS320C6671

Hello, guys.

My srio interfaces are 1x 4port (6671 DSP to 6671 DSP).

I'm doing a communication function test.

I repeated Disconnecting the link and reconnection.

If DSP Port input error stopped or output error stopped, I writes a value of 0x2003F044 into the PLM Port n Control Symbol  and re-align ackid. Then, communication resumes as normally.

if((hSrioCSL->RIO_SP[portNum].RIO_SP_ERR_STAT & 0x00010000) || (hSrioCSL->RIO_SP[portNum].RIO_SP_ERR_STAT & 0x00000100)) //Input or Output Error Stop

if (CSL_SRIO_IsPortOk (hSrioCSL, portNum) == TRUE)

hSrioCSL->RIO_PLM[portNum].RIO_PLM_SP_LONG_CS_TX1 = 0x2003F044;

//align Ack ID

expectedAckID[portNum] = (hSrioCSL->RIO_SP[portNum].RIO_SP_LM_RESP & 0x000003E0) >> 5;

hSrioCSL->RIO_SP[portNum].RIO_SP_ACKID_STAT = (expectedAckID[portNum] | (expectedAckID[portNum] << 8) | ((expectedAckID[portNum]+1) << 24));

CSL_SRIO_ClearLSUPendingInterrupt (hSrioCSL, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0xFFFFFFFF);




But if I continue this tests, I meet "EG_DATA_OVERFLOW" and  "EG_CRQ_OVERFLOW" and communication has stopped.

If DSP Port PBM_SP(n)_STATUS "EG_DATA_OVERFLOW" or  "EG_CRQ_OVERFLOW", can I clear this status and exchange packets as normally?