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TMS320C6424: TMS320C6655 and 2.66AK2G12ABYT100 as the next generation for TMS320C6424

Part Number: TMS320C6424
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320C6655, SM320C6713B-EP

Hi ,

Following your recommendation and the fact that the software collages require 30-40GMACS for the DSP capability,

I have narrowed down the search for the DSP processor into two:

  1. TMS320C6655 which has a good performance and sufficient for our need however the 100C case temperature is too low for our Avionics application. So I would like to know if TI have it in industrial extended range of 125C =T junction or better. Also if leaded (non ROHS) package available ?

  2. 66AK2G12ABYT100 which has 125C junction temperature however it is SOC with ARM +DSP

    So I would like to know:

    a. Can we Operate the SOC with the ARM disabled (by bootstrap so that even during boot the ARM will not be functioning? (the reason is to not use the ARM because of licensing in Avionics.

    b. Can you please guide me where to start to get familiar with the structure of the66AK2G12ABYT100 SOC in terms of hardware (videos, Evaluation boards schematics etc.)




  • Hi, Avner,

    I'll need to find out internally for (1). The temp range of 125C may not, but I'll see if leaded package is available.

    For K2G, we need the ARM for booting the device, but you can power down the ARM if not required after DSP application has booted. If this does not meet your requirement, it seems that we come back to (1). You can use TI portal to find what devices meet your requirement.

    I did a quick search and it shows up the devices meets temp range at 125C.;125

    For K2G, you can start from its product folder:


  • Hi Rex,
    Thanks for answering.
    1) Looking forward for your check if the TMS320C6655 can be available in 125C and Leaded package.
    2) In term of package the best DSP that I found by TI is the SM320C6713B-EP  But its performance is low 1600 mips while the  66AK2G12ABYT100  do comply to our 17K mips. Am I missing something here ? Does TI have better performance DSP in military grade package better than SM320C6713B-EP and closer to 66AK2G12ABYT100 performance ? 

  • Hi Avner

    Thank you for your interest in TI DSPs for Avionics applications. 

    It is interesting to see that you are not able to use K2G because of Cortex A15 licensing in Avionics? 

    I have requested our marketing manager focused on Aerospace Defense / Hi Reliability to further chime in on your post, expect them to reply in a day or so.

    I do not think we will be able to offer c6657 in 125C. 
    We will definitely like to explore what you can or cannot do with K2G , the non Q100 , 125C was introduced for higher temp applications.

    Additionally have you also looked at the following 

    This is potentially much higher performance and power than what you are looking for - but would like to see if this helps with your performance vector.