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66AK2H06: What are EVMK2H hardware updates anticipated?

Part Number: 66AK2H06
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS3808, UCD9090


We've lost our hope to buy EVMK2H, so we decided we'd build our own board instead. We have experience with C6670, so hope we could go through this too.

In referred thread it is said EVM is going to have certain redesign. Could you please point out, what should we take care of?

Thank you.

  • Hi 

    We are in process of building an additional batch of limited quantity EVMs from the existing design (no redesign) that we hope to have available by end of 1Q2021. I will have more details in March time frame.

    >>In referred thread it is said EVM is going to have certain redesign. Could you please point out, what should we take care of?

    My older post had the following: 

    K2H EVMs are short in supply and being currently rebuild. They will likely remain under firewall to limit the # of orders from any single customer. Additionally these EVMs have a BMC that is EOL and essentially to build more boards beyond this build will require us to redesign - we will evaluate the redesigning this board end of 2021. You will see that we have several devices that have are active but their tools or software may not get refreshed - but that does not imply EOL/Obsolescence. 


    Primarily it is the BMC that would've triggered a redesign , apart from some connectors and passive that needing to be refreshed. No other changes that I know of. We may or may not decide to redesign the EVM, as we do not plan to do an SDK refresh in 2021 or 2022, and would like to avoid any board changes that requires us to update the SDK. 

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions. 



  • Mukul,

    Thank you for details. We have to prototype a larger system, where K2 is one of key components. For other parts we have evaluation modules with standard connectors, so its a cable assisted assembly. K2H is the only missing piece of the puzzle so, we decided we will design our custom board. To make things predictable, we usually follow most of EVM solutions. That's why I am asking if there is anything beyond BMC. I'm sure there is no even shortlist of replacement candidates at this point, so hope you'll notify community if there would some specific reason to chose one controller over another. We used Xilinx CPLD in the past for this purpose, now thinking about some sort of STM32.

  • Understood. Apart from the BMC I am not aware of any other EOLs. Some connectors may have long lead time and MOQs , but nothing that I can call out and/or that impacts software etc. 

    So at this point - no additional things to notify. 

    If you look at our newer device EVM like K2G, where we have a different BMC 

    or in some cases you may not need a BMC etc, as my understanding is as follows

    The Board Management Controller is not required to implement the DSP. The BMC is a uC that controls power, clock and reset sequencing for the K2 SOC. The UCD9090 is also part of the power sequencing control. On C665x EVM we have an FPGA that controls power, clock and reset sequencing. An FPGA is simply another example solution. Neither solutions are required. However, some type of logic solution is required to perform the power, clock and reset sequencing per the Data Manual requirements. This can also be accomplished with supervisor devices like the TPS3808 combined with logic devices and chaining of the Power Good outputs and the Enable inputs of the power supplies.

    Hope this helps