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TDA3MV: example for DPC of ISP?

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Dear Champs,

Is there any example or further details on DPC(Dead Pixel Correction) of TDA3 ISP?

Although my customer checked it on TRM, they could not understand how DPC registers(IPIPE_DPC_LUT_EN, IPIPE_DPC_LUT_SEL, IPIPE_DPC_LUT_ADR, IPIPE_DPC_LUT_SIZ) can be used exactly.

If there is any example or further details on these DPC registers, it would be helpful for my customer.

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  • Hi SI,

    have you looked at function IpipeSetDpcLutConfig() in <VSDK_DIR>/ti_components/drivers/pdk_01_10_03_07/packages/ti/drv/vps/src/vpslib/hal/src/vpshal_issipipe.c
    (in VisionSDK it seems to be used by iss_m2misp link (vision_sdk/links_fw/src/rtos/links_ipu/iss_m2misp)).



  • In reply to Yordan Kamenov:


    Is there any more details for IPIPE_DPC_LUT_ADR ?

    my customer could not understand 'IPIPE_DPC_LUT_ADR' even when they checked the function of IpipSetDpcLutConfig() as you recommended.

    What value should be input for 'IPIPE_DPC_LUT_ADR'?

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  • In reply to Sung-IL:

    IPIPE_DPC_LUT_ADR is the DDR address where DPC look up table is stored.